SOAS University of London

South Asia Department

Diploma in Sanskrit

Minimum Entry Requirements: A-levels in Sanskrit (or a comparable proficiency in Sanskrit, to be assessed at interview).

2 years

Mode of Attendance: Part Time


The diploma will not be running in the 2014/2015 academic session.

The aim of the Diploma in Sanskrit is to provide a programme of study at advanced undergraduate level for students who want to continue their Sanskrit studies at university, but do not want to register for the half-degree (which would have to be combined with another subject and would start at the beginners' level).

It is designed for adult students who have completed the Cambridge International A Level (or equivalent) and thus have sufficient language proficiency to enter the second year of the BA Sanskrit degree; who are in daily employment but who desire or need university qualifications in Sanskrit; and who expect normal degree level teaching by fully qualified and experienced staff.

Aims and objectives

To provide teaching in Sanskrit, as available in year 2 and 3 of the undergraduate programme.


A total of four units, taken from the BA half-degree syllabus provided for the second and third year.

Two courses from the following lists:
Year 1: 
Year 2:


In order to accommodate regular B.A. students as well as adult students in daily employment, class hours would have to be scheduled in the late afternoon (between 4-7 p.m.).

Pre Entry Reading

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