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SOAS South Asia Institute

PhD Graduate Workshop on "Crossing borders in South Asia"


Date: 7 May 2014Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 7 May 2014Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College BuildingsRoom: 4429

Type of Event: Workshop

In his introduction to a recent volume on borderland lives in northern South Asia, David Gellner asserts that ‘borders, states, and the people who inhabit them all need to be taken as processes’. In recent years, increasing scholarly attention has been paid to borderlands, thus complementing and challenging the traditional focus on nations and states, and Scott’s concept of Zomia is well embedded in many of these debates.  However, there remains considerable scope for problematizing the ‘methodological nationalism’ of many studies of society and culture in postcolonial South Asia.

The focus of the workshop will be on cross-border relationships and interactions at a level below that of the state, ie. questions of governmental foreign policy and foreign relations will not be central to our discussions. Papers will consider this issue in broad terms, or may focus on examples, both historical and contemporary, of cross-border and cross-regional flows of thought, creativity, imagining, change and revolution that move or have moved in any direction. In disciplinary terms, papers will be situated in any of the humanities and social science subject areas: politics, religion, history, literature, creative arts, film and media, music, law, development, economics, language, gender studies, etc.

The workshop will conclude with a keynote lecture given by Professor Yasmin Saikia of Arizona State University entitled Unruly Subjects and Freedom Imagining: Transborder Connections in Colonial India’.



PG students welcome to attend as observer participants.  To register your interest email Sana on ssai@soas.ac.uk

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