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SOAS South Asia Institute

About Us

MUSA current working committee

MUSA current working committee (from left) Francesca Fuoli (PhD Candidate History), Johann Chacko (PhD Candidate - Politics) and Najia Mukhtar (PhD Candidate Politics)

Mission: To build an interdisciplinary and international community of research students working on Muslim South Asia. As young scholars, practitioners and intellectuals we will network, exchange ideas and support each other. We will work together to organise events and launch collaborations.

What we do: The Muslim South Asia Research Forum or MUSA (pronounced “Moosa”) is an activity hub for PhD students and early career researchers working on any aspect of Muslim society in South Asia. MUSA serves as a platform to connect with each other, exchange ideas and pool our resources and energies into facilitating and promoting our own research.

We are located at the SOAS campus, in the centre of London’s student district and organise regular networking events, academic conferences and public lectures. We also host a blog and maintain a current directory of UK research students and their advisors working on the Muslim South Asia theme and region.

Who we are: Geographically MUSA’s study area cuts a very wide swathe including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, plus diasporas from these areas scattered around the world.

In disciplinary terms we mean 'Muslim' in the broadest sense, and include work that transcends communal and national boundaries (e.g. culture, language and global forces), or focuses on their intersections (e.g. on both Muslim and non-Muslim minorities and the relationship with the majority). Whether its is culture, politics, law, development, history, music, media studies, economics or anthropology, you name it, we've got space for you.

MUSA’s core organising team currently comprises four PhD students, Francesca Fuoli, Johann Chacko and Najia Mukhtar and Sameen Mohsin Ali. We are always looking for new people to join us so please contact us if you would like to get involved.