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Michel Hockx

DRS, PhD (Leiden)
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Michel Hockx
Department of the Languages and Cultures of China and Inner Asia

Professor of Chinese

Centre for Media Studies

Associate Member, Centre for Media and Film Studies

SOAS China Institute

Director, SOAS China Institute

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Professor Michel Hockx
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020 7898 4222
SOAS, University of London
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Professor Michel Hockx - The Literary Field and the Field of Power: The Case of Modern China


Programmes Convened
Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Bodil Margaret Knuts , Flight or Fight: the Nation is Lost. The influence of a vagrant life on the notion of "home” in the prose of Xiao Hong (1911-1942) and Xiao Jun (1907-1988)
  • Federica Gamberini, [working title] The Idea of Beauty. Subjectivity, writing and aesthetic experience in Contemporary Chinese literature
  • Hector James Ross Maclennan , Chinese Reportage in the Early Years of the People's Republic of China
  • Nathanael Mannone, Between Dissent and Co-optation: An Exploration of film, music, and quotidian humour in revolutionary Tunisia
  • Pamela Anne Hunt, Configurations of Masculinity and Realms of Agency in Post- 1989 Chinese Fiction
  • Serafina Aquilino, A virtual language: The use of Chinese language in electronic literature and its influence in Chinese popular culture
  • Yan Jia, Translating Distant Neighbours: China-India Literary Relations 1950-2015
  • Yuanyuan Ma, Between National Essence and New Knowledge – Re-evaluating Xueheng in the 1920s and 1930s


Modern Chinese poetry; the sociology of modern Chinese literature; contemporary Chinese Internet Culture


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Authored Books

Hockx, Michel (2015) Internet Literature in China. New York: Columbia University Press. (Global Chinese Culture)

Hockx, Michel (2003) Questions of Style. Literary Societies and Literary Journals in Modern China, 1911-1937. Leiden: Brill.

Hockx, Michel (1994) A Snowy Morning: Eight Chinese Poets on the Road to Modernity. CNWS (Leiden).

Edited Books or Journal Volumes

Van Crevel, Maghiel and Tan, Tian Yuan and Hockx, Michel, eds. (2009) Text, Performance, and Gender in Chinese Literature and Music: Essays in Honor of Wilt Idema. Leiden: Brill. (Sinica Leidensia, v.92)

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Book Chapters

Hockx, Michel (2012) 'Wenxue shetuan de zhiyehua: yi Nan she wei li (The Professionalization of Literary Societies: The Case of the Southern Society).' In: Wu, Shengqing and Gao, Jiaqian, (eds.), Shuqing chuantong yu weixin shidai (The Lyrical Tradition and the Era of Reform). Shanghai: Shanghai wenyi chubanshe, pp. 3-23.

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Journal Articles

Hockx, Michel (2012) 'The Literary Field and the Field of Power: The Case of Modern China.' Paragraph, 35 (1). pp. 49-65.

Hockx, Michel (2012) 'Lianjie guoqu: Zhongguo dalu wangluo wenxue shequ jiqi xiansheng (Links with the Past: Mainland China's Online Literary Communities and Their Antecedents).' Wangluo wenxue pinglun, 2. pp. 25-40.

Hockx, Michel (2011) 'Wangluo zhi zhu: Chen Cun yu lianxubuduan de xiandaixing (Master of the Web: Chen Cun and the Continuous Avant-Garde).' Dangdai zuojia pinglun (5). pp. 93-101.

Hockx, Michel (2008) 'Wenxueshi duandai yu zhishi shengchan: lun "wu si" wenxue (The Periodization of Literary History and the Production of Knowledge: On "May Fourth" Literature).' Wenhua yu shixue (6). pp. 109-120.

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Hockx, Michel and Af Sandeberg, Maria and Kwan, Uganda Sze Pui and Payne, Christopher Neil and Rosenmeier, Christopher, trans. (2011) Touches of History: An Entry into 'May Fourth' China by Chen Pingyuan. Leiden: Brill.

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