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Department of History

Dr Roberto Mazza

BA (Bologna University) MSc (Bologna University) MA (SOAS) PhD (SOAS)


Roberto Mazza
Department of History

Research Associate

Centre for Ottoman Studies


Dr Roberto Mazza
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The history of the modern Middle East with particular reference to Palestine and Jerusalem; the history of the First World War in the Middle East and urban history.


History of late Ottoman Jerusalem and the early period of British rule with a particular attention to the development of urban planning and introduction of violence in the city and the region at large. Interest in the First World War in the Middle East and in particular in neglected events and propaganda. Interested in diaries and memoirs in order to add a local voice to the narratives produced in relation to the history of the region in the transitional period from Ottoman to British rule.


Authored Books

Mazza, Roberto and Manzano Moreno, Eduardo (2011) Jerusalem in World War One: The Palestine Diary of a European Consul. London: IB Tauris.

Mazza, Roberto (2009) Jerusalem: from the Ottomans to the British. London: I.B.Tauris.

Book Chapters

Mazza, Roberto (2014) 'Dining Out in the Holy City: the Spanish Consul in Jerusalem 1914-1920.' In: Palestine and World War I: Grand Strategy, Military Tactics and Culture in War. London: I.B.Tauris.


Mazza, Roberto (2013) 'Missing Voices in Rediscovering Late Ottoman and Early British Jerusalem.' Jerusalem Quarterly, 53 . pp. 61-71.

Mazza, Roberto and Ouhes, Idir (2012) 'For God and La Patrie: Antonin Jaussen, Dominican Priest and and French Intelligence Agent in the Middle East.' First World War Studies, 3 (2). pp. 145-164.

Mazza, Roberto (2010) 'Dining Out in Times of War: Jerusalem 1914-1918.' The Jerusalem Quarterly, 41 . pp. 52-58.

Mazza, Roberto (2010) 'Antonio de la Cierva y Lewita: the Spanish Consul in Jerusalem 1914-1920.' The Jerusalem Quarterly, 40 . pp. 36-44.

Mazza, Roberto (2009) 'Churches at War: The Impact of the First World War on the Christian Institutions of Jerusalem, 1914-1920.' Middle Eastern Studies, 45 (2). pp. 207-227.

Mazza, Roberto (2008) 'Le Chiese Cristiane di Gerusalemme nella guerra mondiale, 1914-1920.' Contemporanea (4). pp. 613-638.

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