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Lukas Nickel

Dipl.Sin. (Berlin), PhD (Heidelberg)
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Lukas Nikel
Department of the History of Art and Archaeology, School of Arts

Reader in Chinese Art History and Archaeology

School of Arts

Reader in Chinese Art History and Archaeology

Centre of Buddhist Studies

Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies

Dr Lukas Nickel
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Lukas Nickel studied Sinology, Oriental Archaeology and East Asian Art History in Berlin, Halle and finally Heidelberg where he wrote his PhD on Han funerary archaeology. Before joining SOAS he worked as curator of Chinese art at the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne and as lecturer in Chinese art and archaeology at Zurich University. In Zurich he prepared the exhibition and the catalogue Return of the Buddha for the Museum Rietberg, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, the Royal Academy in London and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington, D.C. Beginning in 2002, Lukas Nickel organized a joint Swiss-Chinese excavation of a Buddhist temple site in Shandong province. In 2004 he received an appointment jointly by the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, and SOAS, to teach on the arts and archaeology of early and medieval China and of the Silk Road, and was invited to a full position at SOAS in 2011.



Programmes Convened
Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Beibei Zhan, Wedding Ritual in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD): Prescriptions, Practices and the Discourse (tentative title)
  • Biqing Ouyang, Mirror production in the Wu Kingdom (220-280AD)
  • Eleanor Lipsey, Musical Instruments in Literature of Six Dynasties China
  • Ilse Timperman, Investigating the Emergence of Early Niche Graves in the Turfan Basin (Xinjiang, P.R. China) (c. 300 BCE–300 CE)
  • Lia Wei, Rock-cut caves in the Upper Yangzi River: Identifying a stone working tradition (2nd to 3rd century CE)
  • Malcolm McNeill, Narrative Agency in 13-14th Century Chan Figure Painting: A Study of Hagiography-Iconography Text-Image Relationships
  • Sara Peterson, Plant iconography at Tillya-tepe in the context of the art of West and Central Asia

Previous PhD Students

Chien Li-Kuei, 'The Siwei Bodhisattva – The Contemplating Image in Popular Buddhism of Sixth Century China', 2010


Lukas Nickel's research focuses on several aspects of the art and archaeology of ancient and medieval China and on early cultural exchanges between China and the West. In his research on Chinese art he joins art historical, archaeological, philological, as well as technological investigation methods. He has curated a show on Buddhist art from Qingzhou, Shandong, for the Museum Rietberg Zurich and several other museums and has organised an archaeological excavation of a Buddhist temple site in Linqu county, Shandong province.

Current research

Current research includes an investigation of the prehistory of the Silk Road, particularly early contacts during the period of the First Emperor of China as well as the study of ancient bronze artefacts and their production methods for which he employs archaeological experiments. He is also pursuing research on silver objects with foreign-inspired decoration and on Buddhist sculpture of Shandong province.

Conference organisation

Lukas Nickel is convenor of the East Asian Art and Archaeology Research Seminars (EARS) at SOAS and organised several workshops and conferences:

  • Conference Archaeology of the Southern Taklamakan: Hedin and Stein’s Legacy and New Explorations The British Library and SOAS, Organised with the Xinjiang Institute of Archaeology, 8-10th November 2012
  • Conference Emergence of Bronze Age Societies – A Global Perspective, ICCHA conference held in Baoji, China, 8 – 12 November 2011
  • MPhil training programme Research Training in the History of Chinese Art and Archaeology, SOAS, 21-24 December 2010
  • Comparative workshop Reigning beyond death - Tombs and world rulers, held during the British Museum Exhibition “The First Emperor – China’s Terracotta Army” in cooperation with ICCHA and SOAS, at the British Museum, 15 March 2008.
  • Workshop Cultural Encounters between Han and Tang, co-sponsored by the School of Oriental and African Studies and ICCHA, at SOAS, 23 February 2007


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Authored Books

Nickel, Lukas (2011) Gräber der Han-Zeit in Luoyang. Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag. (Münchner Ostasiatische Studien vol 83)

Edited Books or Journal Volumes

Nickel, Lukas, ed. (2002) The return of the Buddha: Buddhist sculptures of the 6th century from Qingzhou, China. Zürich: Museum Rietberg.

Nickel, Lukas, ed. (2002) Return of the Buddha: the Qingzhou discoveries. London: Royal Academy of Arts.

Nickel, Lukas, ed. (2001) Die Rückkehr des Buddha: chinesische Skulpturen des 6. Jahrhunderts; der Tempelfund von Qingzhou. Zürich: Museum Rietberg.

Book Chapters

Nickel, Lukas (2014) '南越银盒- 异域风格的秦代银器.' In: Cao, Wei and Rehren, Thilo, (eds.), 秦时期冶金考古 – 国际学术讨论会文集, International Symposium on Qin Period Metallurgy and its Social and Archaeological Context. Beijing: Kexue press, pp. 84-94.

Nickel, Lukas (2013) '砖叠苍穹—新莽墓葬建筑与绘画中的宇宙象征.' In: Wu, Hung (巫鸿) and Zhu, Qingsheng (朱青生) and Zheng, Yan (郑岩), (eds.), 古代墓葬美术研究, 第2 辑 (Studies on Ancient Tomb Art, vol. 2). Changsha: Hunan meishu chubanshe, pp. 95-105.

Nickel, Lukas (2012) 'Brick Built Heavens – Cosmic Symbolism in Tomb Architecture and Painting of the Han Period.' In: Jungmann, Burglind and Schlombs, Adele and Trede, Melanie, (eds.), Shifting Paradigms in East Asian Visual Culture: A Festschrift in Honour of Lothar Ledderose / Grenzverschiebungen in der visuellen Kultur Ostasiens: eine Festschrift für Lothar Ledderose, Edited by Burglind Jungmann, Adele Schlombs, and Melanie Trede. Berlin: Reimer Publishers, pp. 43-58.

Li , Zhenguang and Nickel, Lukas and Wu, Shuangcheng and Yao , Xiuhua (2012) '临朐“白龙寺”佛教遗存探析.' In: 齐鲁文物 1. Beijing: Kexue press, pp. 40-52.

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Journal Articles

Nickel, Lukas (2015) 'Bricks in Ancient China and the question of early cross-Asian interaction.' Arts Asiatiques, 70. pp. 49-62.

Nickel, Lukas and Li, Zhenguang (2014) '山东临朐白龙寺遗址佛教造像神探析.' 文物, 2014 (1). pp. 82-87.

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Book Reviews

Nickel, Lukas (1997) 'Review of Roger Goepper ed., "Das Alte China".' Mitteilungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ostasiatische Kunst . pp. 30-33.


Nickel, Lukas and Zillich, Wolfgang (2000) 'Neun chinesische Bronzeglocken. Interactive CD-ROM on a Zhou-period Chinese bell chime.' Köln.

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