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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Professor J D Y Peel



J D Y Peel
Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Emeritus Professor

Professor J D Y Peel
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A former President of the African Studies Association of the UK (1996-98) and Chair of the Social Anthropology and Human Geography Section of the British Academy (1997-2000), my main external involvement at present is as the General Editor of the International African Library, the monograph series of the IAI.



My research career began in the mid-1960s with field research on indigenous African churches among the Yoruba of south-western Nigeria. I did this from the LSE Sociology Department, and for the first half of my career I was identified as a sociologist, rather an anthropologist, with my first academic appointments at Nottingham and then back at LSE. At Nottingham, I developed an interest in the history of social theory, particularly of the Nineteenth Century and wrote a study of the sociological thought of Herbert Spencer. The relations between past and present, memory and narrative, and the need for the social sciences to be grounded in history have been enduring themes in my work. Invited back to Nigeria in the mid-1970s to join a new department of Sociology & Anthropology, I undertook a further field/archival study - focussed on politics and ethnicity - of a large Yoruba town, Ilesha. After two years, I returned to England to take up the post of Charles Booth Professor of Sociology at Liverpool. Serving as editor of Africa: Journal of the International African Institute (1979-86) brought me closer to anthropology, and in 1989 I moved to SOAS. My main project of the 1990s was a third Yoruba study, of their encounter with missionaries in the C.19 and its import for their sense of themselves as a people My current project grows out of my last book and knits together many of the themes of earlier work. It is for a long-span and comparative study of the mutual engagement of Evangelical Christianity and local cultural demand in West Africa, anchored in the present by the aim to situate historically the current wave of neo-Pentecostal or “Born-again” Christianity, and in the past by the first Evangelical encounters with the “liberated” Africans in Sierra Leone c.1820. A significant aspect of the project – again dictated by the contemporary situation in Nigeria – will be to compare the trajectories of Christianity and Islam in the region.


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Authored Books

Peel, J.D.Y. (2000) Religious Encounter and the Making of the Yoruba. Indiana University Press.

Book Chapters

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