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Dr Fauzia Shariff



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Centre for Ethnic Minority Studies

ESRC Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr Fauzia Shariff
Email address:
020 7898 4565


Legal pluralism, resistance struggles, inequality, social cohesion, tribal rights, minorities, social policy, women’s rights, access to justice, Asia and Asian diaspora.



This 12 month project funded by ESRC is based on the fellow’s research of the role of legal pluralism and power relations in understanding how inequalities are formed and resisted in everyday society by marginalised groups and individuals. 

Its aim is to explain
  1. that individuals function within overlapping legal orders, with a symbiotic relationship to each other, associated with social groups, culture, family and the state, and which restrict and empower them;
  2. that these legal orders each have more or less fluid power relations through which inequality is characterised by forced imposition, accepted interdependence, or unquestioned nature (or a combination);
  3. individuals negotiate these inequalities through strategies of struggles with varying degrees of radicalism which take a different form depending on the characteristic of the inequality. 

The current project will disseminate these findings which are taken from the fellowship holder’s empirical doctoral research amongst the Santal adivasi (tribe) of Bangladesh and India. The doctoral research used legal, sociological, anthropological and political theory and anthropological and sociological fieldwork methodologies to investigate individual everyday resistance through a subaltern narrative. 

Through the course of the fellowship these findings will be developed in particular to assess their applicability to resistance by minorities in other contexts including the UK.


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