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Dr Xiangqun Chang



Xiangqun Chang
Dr Xiangqun Chang
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It should be: Dr Xiangqun Chang, Co-Director of the CCPN Global, a Global Academic Society for Advancing a Study of China and the Chinese from a Comparative Perspective. CCPN global was formerly known as CCPN at LSE (2004-13) where she acted as Co-Director, Senior Research Associate and Managing Editor for CCPN's publications. She is Research Associate of the Centre of Chinese Studies (CCS), School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, UK. She is also Special-term Professor at the Centre for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Fudan University, and Visiting Professor at the School of Humanities and Law, Northeastern University, China. As the only UK based sociologist, trained in both China and the UK, Xiangqun has been working on social scientific studies on China since 1991 when she came to the UK. 

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Xiangqun's research interests are broad including contemporary China studies & comparative studies on China; reciprocity & social networks; personal, institutional & social relationships; social support & welfare; social creativity; local identity, culture, autonomy & governance; global civil society & governance; migrants & immigrants; women and gender studies; fieldwork methodology; and Marxist sociology. In the past two plus decades Xiangqun has acted with many roles in her research career: research assistant, data analyst, researcher, independent investigator, co-principle investigator, etc. Based on a thorough and detailed ethnography of a Chinese village with longitudinal comparisons, she has been developing a general analytical concept -- lishang-wanglai (礼尚往来) -- a Chinese model of reciprocity, relatedness and social networks. She has been testing the lishang-wanglai model with many projects particularly including the area of Chinese entrepreneur relationships, inside and outside China with both inter-disciplinary and comparative approaches, e.g. projects carried out since 2004 while she was affiliated at LSE:

  • 2009-13 Comparative Studies on the New Migrants from BRIC counties in America, Australia, Japan and the UK, funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Japan
  • 2009-2011 Chinese governance models in the transitional period' in collaboration with Northeast University, funded by the Ministry of Education of China
  • 2008-09 Chinese entrepreneur relationships and global economics' in collaboration with Nanjing University, funded by the DIUS, UK
  • 2007-09 Value Orientation in Entrepreneurs and Local Officials, and its Role in the Interactions which Affect Small Firm Growth in the Yangtze River Delta' in collaboration with Nanjing University, funded by the LSE, UK
  • 2006-08 Social-cultural factors, ethnic minority entrepreneurial orientation and firm growth: a comparative study of Turkish and Chinese small firms in the UK', in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University and Royal Holloway, funded by the ESRC, UK
  • 2005-07 Globalisation and villagers’ autonomy in China, funded by the British Academy, UK
  • 2002-06 A documentary study on 'Great Leap Famine' under the project ‘Transmission and Recognition of Grievous Loss’, Led by Stephan Feuchtwang at LSE, funded by the ESRC, UK
    Xiangqun is writing up publications based on the above research projects.

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Talks / lectures

Xiangqun was regarded as an excellent teacher when she was a university lecturer in China, however in the UK she does not hold a formal teaching post. As well as playing a role as co-supervisor for Masters and PhD students, acting as internal and external PhD examiners at LSE and other universities, providing advice to the CCPN team members worldwide at all levels, she also gives seminars or lectures, and often participates in conferences.

Based on her research work Xiangqun gave more than 40 seminars and lectures in recent years. They have been turned into two essay collections which are entitled: Study of Fei Xiaotong’s theories and restudies on Kaixiangong Village (Vol. 1); and China Studies and Relationship Research on China (Vol. 2), due to be published in 2014, by the Social Science Academic Press.

For Youtube links to one of her many talks, to students at China in Focus, University of Warwick in 2010., follow these hyperlinks: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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Xiangqun published extensively when she worked in China. Her publications now amount to two million Chinese characters / English words. Xiangqun's publications consist of Chinese and English and comprise books, book chapters, edited volumes, dictionaries and handbooks, journal articles, and shorter publications. Some of the listed items are in process. Below are selected recent publications:

  • 2013 forthcoming. Globalization of Social Scientific Studies on China --- Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Professor Fei Xiaotong's Birth, eds. Feuchtwang, Chang, and Zhou, will be jointly published by Social Science Academic Press (SAPP) in Chinese simplified characters, Airiti Press in Chinese complicated characters and Paths International in English.
  • 2013 forthcoming. ‘From Fei Xiaotong’s chaxugeju to lishang-wanglai -- a sociocultural perspective on “China model”’, in the above edited volume.
  • 2013 forthcoming. Society building -- China’s development at the next stage, selected papers from the IFCCS5 , will be published by the Cambridge Academic Press.
  • 2013 Forthcoming. ‘How a Chinese community is lost in London: an analysis with lishang-wanglai Model’, in the above edited volume.
  • 2011 with G. Hamilton. ‘China and World Anthropology -- A conversation on the legacy of Fei Xiaotong (1910-2005), Anthropology Today, No.6).
  • 2010 (a) with G. Hamilton. Cong Jiangcun Jingji dao Xiangtu Zhongguo (From Peasant life in China to From the Soil), translation by Chang, X et al China Reading Weekly, No. 294, 3 November
  • 2010 (b) with G. Hamilton, Meimei yu gong tianxia datong (Common beauty and unity of the world), translation by Chang, X et al China Reading Weekly, No. 295, 17 November
  • 2010 (c) “Afterword” for Social Changes of the Kaixiangong Village (in Chinese), by Zhu Yunyun and Yao Fukun, Shanghai People’s Publishing House.
  • 2010 (d) Changing relationships between the state and villagers in a Chinese village – an analysis with lishang-wanglai', (in Chinese), China Ethnology (Zhongguo Minzuxue), No.8
  • 2010 (e) Guanxi or Li Shang Wanglai: Social Support Networks, Reciprocity and Social creativity in a Chinese village (in English), Scholarly Publishing Business, Airiti Press Inc.(see book review in the International Sociology March 2013 28: 188-190) and 2 x 5* reviews in Amazon
  • 2010 (f) Guanxi or Li Shang Wanglai: Social Support Networks, Reciprocity and Social creativity in a Chinese village (completed version in Chinese transitional characters), Scholarly Publishing Business, Airiti Press Inc.
  • 2009 Guanxi or Li shang wanglai: Social Support Networks, Reciprocity and Social Creativity in a Chinese village (in Chinese simplified characters) Trans., Mao Minghua, Liaoning People's Publishing House (Book review, by Hong Park, in Journal of Japan-China Sociological Studies, Japan, Jan 2012; Review articles: (1) 2010 'Macro perspective of ‘personalised relationship’ and reciprocity', by Guo Aimin, Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), No. 5; (2) 2010 ‘A miniature of ‘Social gifts’ and ‘impersonal exchange’ in the south of Yangtze River region: Guanxi or Li shang wanglai? , Guo Aimin and Xu Hui, Agricultural History of China, No. 4
  • 2009. 'An individual-society-state trichotomous model: analysis of the disappearance of a township and emerging of a community' (in Chinese), Chinese Social Sciences Quarterly (Zhongguo Shehui Kexue Jikan), June
  • 2008. 'Making “place” and remaking “public philosophy”' ( in Chinese), Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), No 3.
  • 2007 A book review for Making Place: State Projects, Globalisation and Local Responses in China (ed. Stephan Feuchtwang, London: UCL Press. 2004), The China Review, Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring.
  • 2006. 'Preface' for Remaking China's Public Philosophy and Chinese Women's Liberation: The Volatile Mixing of Confucianism, Marxism, and Feminism, by Jinghao Zhou, The Edwin Mellen Press Ltd.

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Editorial work

Xiangqun has been involved in editorial work since 1985 when she was a postgraduate student in China. She has acted in different editorial roles, such as editor or managing editor, for journals (including acting as a peer reviewer), co-editor for conference proceedings, member of editorial boards, or co-editor-in-chief for book series, and web editor of CCPN website at LSE, and CCPN Global, etc.

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Knowledge transfer

Xiangqun participated in two workshops: 'Getting Research into Practice (GRIP)' and 'Engaging with Business', provided by the Knowledge Transfer Team of The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in 2007. She then created the CCPN website at LSE, the only bilingual website in the English speaking world which focuses on social scientific studies on China. As a part of CCPN's knowledge transfer strategy and public engagement activities the CCPN Global continue supports the Speak to the Future's campaign, which was funded by the British Academy as part of its Language and Quantitative Skills Programme.

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