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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Ms Jessica Kendall

BFA Theatre/Acting (California Institute of the Arts), MA Anthropological Research Methods (Merit) - (SOAS, University of London)


Jessica Kendall PhD Student
Department of Anthropology and Sociology

PhD Student

Ms Jessica Kendall
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Thesis title:
(Working Title) 'African Fever'; the politics of race in the international circus arena
Internal Supervisors


Bodily practices, circus, globalization, structural violence, economics and racism

PhD Research

Ms. Kendall's research is a multi-sited ethnographic study that tracks the international movements of Ethiopian circus acrobats who have trained in China under a government sponsored cultural exchange program. It seeks to develop an analytic framework with which to comprehend the interplay between processes of bodily commodification, geographic and economic mobility, cultural adaptation, and racial discrimination/fascination, that contribute to the formation of new strategizing subjects within the peripatetic field of a circus.

PhD Publications

Illusioni fatte Carne: Prolegomena Storici ad un’ Antropologia del Circo Acrobatico Cinese. Studi Etno-Antropologici e Sociologici, vol.36, S.E.A.S. Napoli, June/July 2008. 44-52.


Recipient of the SOAS Student Research Fellowship, Overseas Research Students Award Scheme (ORSAS) Scholarship, Central Research Fund (CRF) Grant, Universities' China Committee in London (UCCL) Grant, SOAS Additional Award for Fieldwork Grant