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Department of History

Dr Mandy Sadan

MA (Oxon), MA PhD (SOAS)


Mandy Sadan
Department of History

Reader in the History of South East Asia

Centre of South East Asian Studies

Academic Staff, Centre of South East Asian Studies

Dr Mandy Sadan
Email address:
020 7898 4622
020 7898 4699
SOAS, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Tues & Weds 11:30-12:30, during teaching weeks


History and anthropology, material and visual culture (especially textiles and photography), gendered economies, oral ritual, minorities, marginalisation and conflict in mainland South East Asia, transnationalism and non-national histories (especially the borderworlds of South, South East and East Asia).


Creation of ethnic categories in Burma (especially the 'Kachin' minority) and transnational linkages in North East India, Yunnan, Tibet and Thailand; textiles and the analysis of gendered economies among minorities in northern mainland South East Asia; photography, representation and ideologies of conflict; oral literature (especially Jinghpaw ritual language and ritual performance) and its historical significance; transformation in lineage and kinship systems in northern mainland South East Asia.

  • ESRC Small Grant - 'Optical Allusions - Photography, Ethnicity and Ideologies of Ethnic Conflict in Burma' (April 2008 - Oct 2009) James Green Trust - ''Textiles as Cultural Property and Cultural Industry: Comparative Contexts in Burma, India, China and Thailand" (Oct 2007 - Oct 2009).
  • British Academy Small Grant - 'Transnational Contexts of Burmese Minority Identities in Burma and Thailand' (Jan - Dec 2008).
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Available for
Regional Expertise
  • South East Asia
Country Expertise


Authored Books

Sadan, Mandy (2013) Being & Becoming Kachin: Histories Beyond the State in the Borderworlds of Burma. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships Monographs)

Sadan, Mandy Ethnicity and Conflict in Southeast Asia. London: Palgrave Macmillan. (Forthcoming)

Edited Books

Sadan, Mandy and Robinne, Francois, eds. (2007) Social Dynamics in the Highlands of South East Asia: Reconsidering 'Political Systems of Highland Burma' by E. R. Leach. Leiden: Brill. (Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 3 Southeast Asia; 18)

Book Chapters

Sadan, Mandy (2009) 'Ethnic Minorities & Political Governance: The Myanmar Situation.' In: Ghosh, Lipi, (ed.), Minorities, Community Rights & Political Governance: South & S.E Asian Scenario. Routledge.

Sadan, Mandy (2008) 'Kachin Textiles in the Denison University Collections: Documenting Social Change.' In: Green, Alexandra, (ed.), Eclectic Collecting: Art from Burma in the Denison Museum. Singapore: Singapore University Press.

Sadan, Mandy (2007) 'Decolonizing Kachin: Ethnic Diversity and the Making of an Ethnic Category.' In: Gravers, Mikael, (ed.), Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma. Copenhagen: NIAS Press, pp. 34-76.

Sadan, Mandy (2007) 'Translating Gumlao: History, the ‘Kachin’ and Edmund Leach.' In: Sadan, Mandy and Robinne, Francois, (eds.), Social Dynamics in the Highlands of Southeast Asia: Reconsidering Political Systems of Highland Burma by E. R. Leach. Leiden: Brill, pp. 67-87.

Sadan, Mandy and Robinne, Francois (2007) 'Reconsidering the dynamics of ethnicity through Foucault’s concept of ‘Spaces of Dispersion'.' In: Sadan, Mandy and Robinne, Francois, (eds.), Social Dynamics in the Highlands of Southeast Asia: Reconsidering Political Systems of Highland Burma by E. R. Leach. Leiden: Brill, pp. 299-308.

Sadan, Mandy (2005) 'Respected Grandfather Bless this Nissan: Benevolent and Politically Neutral Bo Bo Gyi.' In: Skidmore, Monique, (ed.), Burma at the turn of the 21st Century. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press, pp. 90-111.

Sadan, Mandy (2002) 'Textile Contexts in Kachin State.' In: Dell, E. and Dudley, S., (eds.), Textiles from Burma. London: Philip Wilson Publishers, pp. 169-177.

Sadan, Mandy (2002) 'The Kachin Manau and Manau Shadung: The Development of an Ethno-cultural Symbol.' In: Blurton, R. and Green, A., (eds.), Burma: Art & Archaeology. London: British Museum Press, pp. 119-131.

Sadan, Mandy (2000) 'The Kachin Photographs in the J.H. Green Collection: a contemporary context.' In: Dell, E., (ed.), Burma Frontier Photographs: 1918-1935. London: Merrell Publishers, pp. 51-65.

Sadan, Mandy (2000) 'The Kachin Photographs: a documentary record of contact.' In: Dell, E., (ed.), Burma Frontier Photographs: 1918-1935. London: Merrell Publishers, pp. 67-93.


Sadan, Mandy (2010) 'Syphilis and the Kachin Regeneration Campaign, 1937–38.' Journal of Burma Studies, 14 . pp. 115-149.

Sadan, Mandy (2007) 'Historical Photography in Kachin State: An Update on the James Green Collection of Photographs.' South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 30 (3). pp. 457-477.


Sadan, Mandy (2008) A Guide to Colonial Sources on Burma. Ethnic and Minority Histories of Burma in the India Office Records, British Library. Bangkok: Orchid Press.

Sadan, Mandy (2008) Learning to Listen: a Manual for Oral History Projects. Chiang Mai: Wanida Press.


Edwards, Elizabeth and Harris, Clare and Blurton, Richard and Sadan, Mandy and Shakya, Tsering and Cech, Krystyna and Harris, David and Hanganu, Gabriel and Wilkinson, Toby (2007) 'The Tibet Album – British Photography in Central Tibet 1920-50.' Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)

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