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Department of Financial & Management Studies (DeFiMS)

Ms Vanesa Pesque Cela

BA (Barcelona) MSc (London)


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Department of Financial & Management Studies (DeFiMS)

Senior Teaching Fellow

Ms Vanesa Pesque Cela
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2006 Entry
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Public goods provision, public finance, social organizations, state-society relations, political attitudes and behaviour, local governance, rural development, Chinese rural economy, society and politics.

PhD Research

This research pursues two main objectives:

  1. to identify the socio-political and economic factors underlying the rise of both government-controlled and self-governing social organizations in China´s rural areas in recent years, and
  2. to determine the impact that Chinese villagers´ participation in rural associational life has on the provision of public goods and services within their communities.

PhD Publications

Pesqué-Cela, Vanesa, Tao, Ran, Liu, Yongdong and Laixiang Sun (2008) “Challenging, Complementing or Assuming `the Mandate of Heaven´? Political Distrust and the Rise of Self-Governing Social Organizations in Rural China”. Journal of Comparative Economics. (In Press).