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Department of Financial and Management Studies (DeFiMS)

Mrs Vivian Polar Funez

BA (Universidad Mayor de San Andres - La Paz, Bolivia), MSC (Universidad Tomas Frías - Potosí, Bolivia), PHDC (SOAS)


Vivian Funez Polar
Mrs Vivian Polar Funez
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Participation for Empowerment: An analysis of agricultural innovation in two contrasting settings of Bolivia - final corrections to thesis being made
Year of Study:
2008 Entry
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External Supervisors

Dr S Pierson

PhD Research

This thesis is about the relation between participation and empowerment in two different contexts of the agricultural sector in Bolivia. It analyses a specific participatory method implemented along with technology innovation projects and depicts changes produced after a 2 year period with participating and non-participating farmers. The culture and history of the two contrasting sites – North Potosí and the Chaco regions - are analysed to evaluate its association with outcomes of the participatory implementation and, changes in the sense of empowerment and asset based components. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to identify changes in the sense of empowerment experienced by farmers, as well as changes in structure and agency evaluated through a series of asset based components and cultural practices.



Power, empowerment, participation, agricultural innovation, agency and structure, Bolivian agrarian history.