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Department of Development Studies

Elias Ghadban

BA (Lebanese University) MA (American University of Beirut)


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Elias Ghadban
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Thesis title:
Agricultural cooperatives in Lebanon: Farmers’ cooperation and agricultural development policies after the end of the civil war in 1990
Year of Study:
Year of Entry 2009
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PhD Research

The thesis will study and analyze whether the political rhetoric on the role that cooperatives could play in agricultural sector development in Lebanon after the end of the civil war corresponds with how farmers view the benefits and problems in their cooperatives. It will address the following research questions:

1. How does the support of agricultural cooperatives in post civil war (1990) Lebanese agricultural policies' nature fit into the development of the agricultural sector?

2. Are farmers, who are the ultimate target of the policy, recognizing the positive impacts of coops and getting benefits from their membership? In other terms, what was the effect of coops on farmers and did they contribute to their development?