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Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East

Bita Mafizadeh


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Centre for Iranian Studies

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Bita Mafizadeh
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Contemporary Iranian Theater Translation and Cultural Relocation: A Cultural Approach to Transfer of Persian Theatrical Texts onto English Stages through Translation

PhD Research

The object of this study is to analyze the transfer of cultural concepts in the translation of contemporary theater, particularly focusing on Iranian plays translated into English for performance purposes. The nature of theater translation has changed significantly since the 1980s; it now crosses the boundaries of literary and dramatic translation. Aaltonen (2000: 28) argues that the analysis of the movements of texts between theatrical systems requires an interdisciplinary framework, and theater translation can be best analyzed and the findings understood, against the background of the following disciplines: translation studies, theater studies, cultural studies, literary studies, communication studies and linguistic studies. She also suggests that all these disciplines can offer their particular insights into the study of what happens to theater texts when they cross cultural borders. Hence, this thesis aims to approach theater translation primarily from the point of view of translation studies, cultural studies, and theater studies.