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Department of Economics

Ms Pinar Cakiroglu

BSC Economics (METU, Turkey), MSC Development Economics (SOAS)


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Centre for Ottoman Studies

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Ms Pinar Cakiroglu
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Thesis title:
Capitalist industrial transformation in rural Salonica during the late Ottoman era (1870-1912) and the role of Greek community
Year of Study:
Year of Entry 2010-11
Internal Supervisors

PhD Research

My research aims at understanding the economic, political and social factors behind the capitalist industrialisation occurred in the surrounding rural region of Salonika. The two main focuses of the research are macro-level analysis that examines the role of state and its policies and micro-level analysis that examines the role of local institutional structure.  

PhD Conferences

  • IIPPE (International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy), “The Rise of “Homo-Islamicus” from Local Power to Global Power: Industrial Transformation of Kayseri in the Neoliberal Era”, Istanbul 20-22 May 2011.
  • ICOSEH (International Congress of Ottoman Social and Economic History), "Emergence of Capitalist Industrialisation in Ottoman Macedonia (1870-1912)", Alcala/Spain 1-5 October 2013.


  • Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Growth and Development, Political Economy, Marxist Political Economy, Institutional Economics, Economic History, Economic History of the Near and Middle East.
  • Transition to capitalism and its specific conditions in the Ottoman Empire
  • The role of state and the relation between newly emerging industrial capitalists and the state
  • The impact of Greek community and its local power in the transition
  • Fieldwork: archival research in the Ottoman archives in Turkey and Greece