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Department of Economics

Usman Qadir

MSc (Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan), MA (American University, USA)


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Usman Qadir
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The Political Economy of Technology Acquisition in Pakistan: Policy and Constraints in the Automobile Industry
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PhD Research

Since the time of independence, Pakistan has been faced with a host of internal as well as external factors that have had an impact on its development. Growth of the economy as a result has been most sporadic, characterised by promising growth spurts that burn out without achieving sustainability in the long run. This in turn has a negative impact on domestic stability and led to frequent changes in the power structure within the country. Domestic political and international pressures have influenced economic and development policies that have been adopted over the years.

Firstly, these developments adversely affect investor confidence in the future of the economy. Secondly, due to the existing power structure within the country, the political settlement and changes in the political settlement have affected the ability of the state to enforce various policies and performance incentives. Finally, due to the lack of adequate resources within the country, the state has had to secure much needed financing from abroad to achieve its goals, and this has compromised its ability to direct development efforts without regard to other concerns. This study will examine these particular issues with reference to technology acquisition and investment in a specific industry, the automobile industry, for the period 1964-72, and beyond.


International Trade, Regional Integration, Industrial Organization