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Helena Pérez Niño

BA History (Universidad Nacional de Colombia); MSc Violence, Conflict and Development (SOAS, London)
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Helena Pérez Niño
Ms Helena Pérez Niño
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Thesis title:
Agrarian Change and Post-conflict reconstruction. Land and Labour in a Mozambican borderland.
Year of Study:
Year of Entry 2010


Helena Pérez-Niño is a historian from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and currently a PhD candidate in the Political Economy of Development at SOAS – University of London, where she also did her Masters. She is the Editorial Assistant of the Journal of Agrarian Change and has worked as a consultant for Unicef, UNHCR and IESE in Angola and Mozambique. She works on the political economy of agrarian change and the study of the political economy of war to peace transitions. Her dissertation explores the long-term transformation of the agrarian regime, through war and peace, in Tete, Mozambique.

Other Projects: 

  • Drugs, (dis)order and agrarian change: A political economy of drugs initiative (SOAS)
  • Agrarian Change Working Group (IIPPE)

PhD Research

  • New theoretical and conceptual approach to understanding the significance of contract farming in agrarian formations in contemporary Africa;
  • Vernacular land markets and the local and national politics of land during post-conflict in Mozambique;
  • Social and household division of labour. Changing property and relations of production during agricultural intensification;
  • Labour markets and labour migration in historical perspective. Labour exchanges across borders.


Pérez Niño, Helena and Le Billon, Philippe (2013). Foreign aid, resource rents and institution-building in Mozambique and Angola (No. 2013/102). WIDER Working Paper.


Pérez Niño, H. (2014) Natural Resource Investments in Africa: Oil, Aid and Governance in Mozambique and Angola. Presented at the Danish Institute for International Studies. Copenhagen, October 22. 2013, 14.00-15.30

Pérez Niño, H. (2013) Flux in the border: inward and outward labour migration in the Mozambique-Malawi border since 1964. Presented in the panel “Workers across Africa: global and transnational labour history and labour studies” in the 5th European Conference on African Studies: African dynamics in a multipolar world. Lisbon, June 27-29.

Pérez Niño, H and Stevano, S. (2012) Monthly income... What is that? Comparing notes on implementing household surveys in rural Mozambique. Presented in the Journal of Agrarian Change Seminar Series at SOAS. London, December 6.

Pérez Niño, H. and Juarez, E. (2012) Private Sector Development Case Study: Tobacco Contract Farming in Mozambique. Peresented in:  “Moçambique: Acumulação e Transformação num Contexto de Crise Internacional” IESE, III Conference. Maputo, September 4-5.