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Mr Jean-Philippe Dequen



Jean-Philippe deQuen
Mr Jean-Philippe Dequen
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Thesis title:
Inherent conflict within Muslim succession personal law in India
Year of Study:
3rd year
Internal Supervisors

PhD Research

This research proposes to show the different legal strategies used in India, both by the State and the Indian Muslim Community, regarding disputes relating to Islamic succession. Its intent is to establish whether the Indian Legal System concerning this particular issue tends to legal plurality, where personal laws are managed or at least controlled by the official court system, or legal pluralism, where personal laws are enacted and applied outside and sometimes against the official judiciary. Furthermore, by focusing on the Indian Muslim population, this research also intends to describe how it identifies to and uses its personal laws regarding inheritance.

PhD Publications

2012. ‘Justice for Muslim Women in India: The Sinuous Path of the All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board’ Journal of Law and Social Research, n°3. pp. 81-95

2012. ‘Muslim immovable gifts: to register or not to register… that was the question. Recent developments following Hafeeza Bibi v. Shaikh Farid’

PhD Conferences

2013. ‘Just India’ International Workshop, EHESS, Paris (France)
‘A journey to the brink of India’s legal landscape: Jammu and Kashmir’s relationship with the Indian Union.’

2012. Law and Society Annual Meeting - Honolulu, Hawaii (USA). Panel: Non-State Law and Governance in South Asia and the Diasporas.
‘Alternative Dispute Resolution within India’s Muslim Personal Law System: the case of the All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board.’

2012. ‘Just India’ Seminar series - EHESS, Paris (France).
‘Le droit musulman au sein du pluralisme juridique indien, compte-rendu d’un terrain en Inde du Nord’

2011. 5th Graduate Legal Research Conference – King’s College, London (UK).
‘A legal procedure without legal reasoning: the construction of the refugee in France, an ethnomethodology of the decisional process.’


Law and Society Association (LSA)
Affiliate PhD ‘Talking Law: lawyering and governance in South Asia and the diaspora’ French Institute, Pondicherry


Indian Family Law, Islamic Family Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Theory, Private International Law, Refugee Law