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Department of Development Studies

Ms Oroub El-Abed

BA in French literature and Language (major) and political science (minor)- Jordan University, High Diploma in French Civilisation- University of Lyon II, MSc in Development Studies -SOAS/London University, Diploma in Forced Migration - International Summer School at Refugee Studies Centre- Oxford University


Department of Development Studies

Senior Teaching Fellow (2013/14 only)

Centre for Palestine Studies (CPS)

PhD Student Associate Member

Ms Oroub El-Abed
Email address:
Thesis title:
Palestinian refugees living in informal areas of the Jordanian capital, Amman: Negotiating economic opportunities
Year of Study:
2010 Entry
Internal Supervisors

PhD Publications

  • El-Abed, Oroub (2009) Unprotected: Palestinians in Egypt since 1948, Ottawa: IDRC, Washington, Beirut: Institute of Palestine Studies.
  • El-Abed, Oroub (2009) ‘The case of Palestinian refugees-Holders of Egyptian travel documents in Egypt and in Jordan’, in Conference papers, International Conference on Palestinian Refugees, Conditions and Recent Developments (November 2006), Abu Dis, Al-Quds University, pp 43-60.
  • El-Abed, Oroub (2005) ‘Immobile Palestinians: The impact of policies and practices on Palestinians from Gaza in Jordan’, in Jaber, Hana et Metral, France Migrants et Migrations au Moyen-Orient au tournant du  XXIe siècle, Beyrouth : Institut Français du Proche Orient, pp 81-93.
  • El-ABED, Oroub (2005) ' Palestinian Refugees of Egypt: What Exit Options Are Left For Them?' in  Refuge of the Centre for Refugee Studies, York,Canada, Vol 22 No. 2,Winter.
  • El-ABED, Oroub ( 2009), ‘The Palestinians in Egypt: identity, basic rights and host State policies’, Refugee Survey Quarterly, (Oxford publications), 28 (23): 531- 549.
  • El-Abed, Oroub ( 2008) Researching Palestinian refugees in the Arab World: the case of Egypt
    in Young Researchers thinking Mediterranean, Published by URV , pp 613-628
  • El-ABED, Oroub (2004), 'The Palestinian Refugees in Egypt, Who dares talk about them?', article in the Daily Star, 23 March 2004. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Opinion/Commentary/Mar/23/Rights-of-Palestinians-in-Egypt-Who-dares-talk-about-them.ashx#axzz2eTbfjTJ9
  • El-ABED, Oroub ( 2006), “Immobile Palestinians: On going plight of Gazans in Jordan”, Forced Migration Review, Vol 26, Oxford , UK.
  • Chatelard, G., Washington, K. & El-Abed, O. (2009) Protection, Mobility and livelihood challenges, of displaced Iraqis in urban settings in Jordan, ICMC report, International Catholic Migration Committee, Geneva.
  • Fabos, Anita and Al-Ali, Nadje and El-Abed, Oroub (2005) Middle East. Developing DFID’s Policy Approach to Refugees. Working Paper. Oxford: Refugee Studies Centre; London: DFID.
  • El-Abed, O.( 2010), ‘The Palestinians in Egypt: identity, basic rights and host State policies’, Refugee Survey Quarterly, Oxford publications.
  • El-Abed O. ( 2011), ‘The invisible community: Egypt’s Palestinians’, policy paper, Al Shabaka, http://al-shabaka.org/policy-brief/refugee-issues
  • El-Abed O. (2013 Forthcoming) ‘The discourse of Guesthood: Forced Migrants in Jordan’ in Religion and Global Migrations, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • El-Abed O. (2013 Forthcoming) ‘In the cracks of a big city: An Individualised struggle of Palestinian-origin Jordanians in inner Amman’ in Masarat Conference Book,Ramallah.


  • British Chevening Alumni- Amman/Jordan
  • Institut Francais Du Proche Orient- Amman/Jordan


My academic interest is : the political economy of development, especially in the Middle East, the livelihoods of refugees and the challenges in surviving in host countries ( socioeconomic/political and legal interest). Study cases of my interest are Palestinian refugees, the refugees in the Middle East and vulnerable communities.