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Department of Politics and International Studies

Mr Bala Mohammed Liman

Bsc (ABU), MBA (ABU), MSc (LSE)


Bala Mohammed Liman
Mr Bala Mohammed Liman
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Conflict and Identity in Nigeria: The Emergence of a Culture of Conflict In Northern Nigeria
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PhD Research

My research project is a study of the nexus between Conflict and Identity in Nigeria with particular focus on the ongoing conflicts in Kaduna and Jos in the northern part of the country. The research examines the growing culture of conflict in the region through the use of narratives by the groups involved in the conflict that enables them develop an ethos of the conflict using historical narratives and the development of Collective Emotional Orientations that border on suspicion and fear of the 'other'. The study also examines how mobilization is made using identities such as ethnicity and religion that evoke emotions that make the conflicts more intense.


Development Studies Association
Royal African Society
BISA Africa and International Studies Working Group


Conflict, Identity, Ethnicity, Citizenship, Social Policy, Development, Urbanisation, Rural Development, Population, Nationalism and African Studies.