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Department of Politics and International Studies

Ms Priya Kumar

MA Public and International Affairs (University of Ottawa) B.Soc.Sc. International Development and Globalization (University of Ottawa)


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Ms Priya Kumar
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Thesis title:
“Wireless Platforms and Borderless Grievance: An Analysis of Transnational Diaspora Linkages and Mobilization Outcomes” (Preliminary title)
Year of Study:
Internal Supervisors

PhD Research

My research questions the impact of the dot-com, that is, the role of the world wide web in the construction of (online and offline) transnational diaspora linkages.

I employ a case study approach, comparing Tamil, Sikh and Palestinian diaspora communities.

The study involves a three pronged mixed methodology:

  • digital mapping (under the auspicious of the e-Diaspora Atlas Project; providing a virtual snapshot of community networks)
  • content analysis (of key websites through word-based analytics and statistical inferences)
  • personal interviews with online actors (London and Toronto based)

PhD Publications

Kumar, Priya, The Publicly Anonymous and the Dot-Com: An Exploration of Contemporary Sikh Blogging (under review).

Kumar, Priya. 2012. "Transnational Tamil Networks: Mapping Engagement Opportunities on the Web", Social Science Information, 51(4) December 2012.

Kumar, Priya. 2011. “Transnational Diaspora Linkages: A Comparative Analysis of Tamil and Sikh Networks” in INALCO Symposium Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) (eds).  

Kumar, Priya. 2009. “Canada-U.S Border Security Pre and Post 9/11” in Potentia, Centre for International Policy Studies Graduate Journal, 1.

Kumar, Priya. 2009. “Biopiracy, GM Seeds & Rural India”, Centre for Global Research.

PhD Conferences

E-Diaspora Atlas Demonstration Showcase
Presentation of Sikh, Palestinian and Tamil Digital Corpus Maps
Homeland Connections: E-diaspora Atlas/A Century of Transnationalism
Paris, France
May 23-25 2012

"Do Different Researchers with the Same Methodology Produce Different Corpuses? A Palestinian Corpus Comparative" with Anat Ben-David
Homeland Connections: E-diaspora Atlas/A Century of Transnationalism
Paris, France
May 23-25 2012

   "Where are you from again?"
TEDxGoodenoughCollege - "The Future of Humanity: the big picture"
London UK
May 5 2012


“Networks in the Diaspora and the World Wide Web”
South Asia in Transition, Department of Sociology, University of Oxford
Oxford UK
November 25-26 2011

“Diasporas, Grievance Narratives and the Dot-com: Emerging Security Challenges in Canada”
International Security and the Law: New Challenges Since 9/11, Workshop for Women in International Security University of New Brunswick
Fredericton Canada
May 5-7 2011

“Digital Networks and Diaspora Narratives”
Political Studies Association - Graduate Network’s Conference
London UK
April 18 2011

“Transnational Diaspora Linkages: A Comparative Analysis of Diaspora Networks”
Questioning Transnationalism: Culture, Politics & Media, Royal Holloway College, University of London
Surrey UK
December 17 2010

“Transnational Diaspora Linkages: A Comparative Analysis of Diaspora Networks”
Political Studies Association - Graduate Network’s Conference University of Oxford, Manor Road Building
Oxford UK
December 6 and 7 2010

“Diaspora Narratives and Networked Narratives”
Migration, Mobility and Globalization, INALCO (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales)
Paris France
November 25 and 26 2010


ICT- Migrations Research Program: E-Diasporas Atlas Project
Foundation de la Maison des Science de l’Homme, Telecom ParisTech
Research Associate


Web 2.0 Platform Analytics, Digital Methods, (Im)migration, Diaspora Communities, Transnationalism, Security, Borders, Globalization