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Department of Politics and International Studies

Mr George Fernee

BSc in Political Science (UIA, University of Agder, Norway) MSc in Middle East Politics (SOAS, University of London)


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Centre for Iranian Studies

PhD Student Associate Member

Mr George Fernee
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Thesis title:
Representing Reality: Images of Iran in U.S. Cultural Discourses
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Internal Supervisors

PhD Research

Deconstructing mythologies and identities which are deployed in the domestic and foreign policy of the United States. Studying the emergence of alternative and counter-narratives to the dominant identity discourse and the effects of these on self/other constructions on U.S.-Iranian relations.

PhD Conferences

ATCOSS Congress in Ankara, Turkey December 10-12 2010.
Conference on Turkish-Arab relations.


LMEI, London Middle East Institute
Centre for Iranian Studies