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Centre for Gender Studies

Ms Eleanor Tiplady Higgs


Eleanor Tiplady Higgs
Centre for Gender Studies

Teaching Fellow

Ms Eleanor Tiplady Higgs
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Women-centred theology in practice? A study of the theology and ethics of the Young Women's Christian Association in Kenya.
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PhD Research

Based on fieldwork in Nairobi, my research concerns the Kenyan Young Women's Christian Association (henceforth, YWCA) and the tensions between its Christian identity and its work on women's rights and gender equality. I am interested in the YWCA's ethical and theological commitments, especially in relation to the ways in which the organisation's values inform its interventions to improve young people's sexual and reproductive health and rights. I make use of the work of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians to illuminate and explore the significance of Kenya YWCA's choices in this area.


Feminism and feminist theory; Transnational feminism; Global women’s movement; Kenya; African feminism; Moral cosmopolitanism; Gendered nature of globalisation; International development and women; Christianity; Liberation theologies; Race and feminism.