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Yoriko Otomo

BA/LLB (Hons) PhD (University of Melbourne)
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Yoriko Otomo
School of Law

Lecturer in Law

Dr Yoriko Otomo
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Dr Yoriko Otomo is a Lecturer in Law at SOAS and a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Global History, University of Oxford. She received her doctorate (as well as a BA and Honours degree in Law) from the University of Melbourne.

Her research examines cross-cultural histories of global governance, looking in particular at the ways in which emerging patterns of economic interdependence changed representations of women and animals. She is currently working on a project, 'Milk, Skin and Bone' that examines the development of the dairy industries in colonial Britain, and she has recently co-written/co-edited various articles on law and animals. Her forthcoming book, 'Unconditional Life: The International Law Settlement' will be published by OUP in 2016.

Dr. Otomo is involved with three interdisciplinary projects; the first, 'Making Milk', co-convened with Prof. Mathilde Cohen (University of Connecticut, U.S and EHESS, France) analyses the production and consumption of human and animal milk, drawing together the world's leading scholars on the topic. The second, 'Theorising and Historicising International Environmental Law', co-convened with Stephen Humphreys (LSE), Mario Prost (Keele), Celine Tan (Warwick) and Matthew Nicholson (Southampton) draws together experts from different disciplines to re-examine the field. The third, 'Global Law', is a collaboration with Henrique Carvalho (Warwick), Vidya Kumar (Birmingham), Luis Eslava (Kent) and Vanja Hamzic (SOAS) to produce a reference text outlining critical approaches to teaching and studying key law subjects. To date, these projects have generously been supported by Harvard University, Keele University, EHESS, and SOAS, resulting in workshops held at Keele (2012, 2013), SOAS (2014, 2015) and EHESS (2016). 

Dr. Otomo is a member of the Food Studies Centre and the Centre for the Study of Colonialism, Empire and International Law at SOAS. She is on the editorial board of the Australian Feminist Law Journal, and on the advisory board of the Journal for Critical Animal Studies.



Animal law; the history of environmental law; international law and legal theory; the historical regulation of animals and other global commodities.


Authored Books

Otomo, Yoriko (2016) Unconditional Life: The Postwar International Law Settlement. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Edited Books or Journal Volumes

Otomo, Yoriko and Mussawir , Edward, eds. (2012) Law and the Question of the Animal: A Critical Jurisprudence. Abingdon; New York: Routledge. (Law, Justice and Ecology)

Book Chapters

Otomo, Yoriko (2016) 'International Environmental Law.' In: Orford, Anne and Hoffman, Florian, (eds.), Oxford Handbook on International Legal Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Oxford Handbooks)

Otomo, Yoriko (2016) 'Law.' In: Turner, Lynn and Broglio, Ron and Sellbach, Undine, (eds.), The Edinburgh Companion to Critical Animal Studies. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press. (Forthcoming)

Otomo, Yoriko (2016) 'Thinking About Law and the Question of the Animal.' In: Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Andreas and Brooks, Victroria, (eds.), Handbook of Research Methods in Environmental Law. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. (Forthcoming)

Otomo, Yoriko and Prost, Mario (2016) 'British Influences on International Environmental Law: The Case of Wildlife Conservation.' In: Gauci, Jean-Pierre and McCorquodale, Robert and Barrett, Jill and Zidar, Abdraz and Riddell, Anna, (eds.), British Influences on International Law. British Institute of International and Comparative Law. (Forthcoming)

Otomo, Yoriko (2012) 'Species, Scarcity and the Secular State.' In: Otomo, Yoriko and Mussawir, Edward, (eds.), Law and the Question of the Animal: A Critical Jurisprudence. Abingdon; New York: Routledge. (Law, Justice and Ecology)

Otomo, Yoriko and Mussawir, Edward (2012) 'Introduction.' In: Otomo, Yoriko and Mussawir, Edward, (eds.), Law and the Question of the Animal: a Critical Jurisprudence. Abingdon; New York: Routledge. (Law, Justice and Ecology)

Otomo, Yoriko (2011) 'Blind Spots and Hook Turns: Searching for Virtue in International Law.' In: Kuovo, Sari and Pearson, Zoe, (eds.), Between Resistance and Compliance? Feminist Perspectives on International Law in an Era of Anxiety and Terror. Oxford: Hart Publishing. (International Series in Law and Society)

Otomo, Yoriko (2010) 'The Decision not to Prosecute the Emperor.' In: Tanaka, Yuki and McCormack, Tim and Simpson, Gerry, (eds.), Beyond Victors' Justice? The Tokyo War Crimes Trial Revisited. Martinus Nijhoff.

Journal Articles

Otomo, Yoriko (2014) 'The Gentle Cannibal: The Rise and Fall of Lawful Milk.' Australian Feminist Law Journal, 40 (2). pp. 215-228.

Otomo, Yoriko (2014) 'Her proper name: a revisionist account of international law.' London Review of International Law, 2 (1). pp. 149-154.

Otomo, Yoriko and Humphreys, Stephen (2014) 'Theorising International Environmental Law.' LSE Law, Society and Economy Working Papers (9). pp. 1-28.

Otomo, Yoriko (2011) 'Law and the Question of the (Non-Human) Animal.' Society and Animals, 19 (4). pp. 383-391.

Otomo, Yoriko and Eslava, Luis and Barr, Olivia (2009) 'In Search of Authority, Rebellion and Action.' Sortuz, OƱati Journal of Emergent Sociolegal Studies, 4 (1). pp. 1-13.

Otomo, Yoriko (2009) 'Endgame: Feminist Lawyers and the Revolutionary Body.' Australian Feminist Law Journal, 31. pp. 153-164.

Otomo, Yoriko (2008) 'Of Mimicry and Madness: Speculations on the State.' Australian Feminist Law Journal, 28. pp. 53-76.

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