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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Dr Tommaso Sbriccoli



Tommaso Sbriccoli
Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Tommaso Sbriccoli
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I am a political and legal anthropologist. I have been doing field research in Northern India since 2003, working mainly on rural and pastoral communities in Rajasthan for my MA and Ph.D thesis. Main fields of interest have been those related to institutions and traditional justice. I thus focused my attention on the relations between traditional legal systems, state law, institutions, and conceptions about person. In 2008 I opened a new fieldwork research in Italy on refugees and the Italian process of claiming asylum, developing together with Stefano Jacoviello, a semiotician, an interdisciplinary methodological framework of text and discourse analysis.


  • EASA


India, especially politics and society of Rajasthan; nomadic pastoralism; traditional legal systems and legal pluralism; refugee issues; anthropology and semiotics; theory of culture.