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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Dr Tina Otten



Tina Otten
Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Tina Otten
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My theoretical interest rests on the ways in which people conceptualize social identity, experience change and in the different ways in which new ideas are absorbed and influence ritual and political structure, medicine, and gender- and kinship relations. My Ph.D was obtained at the Free University Berlin, Germany and dealt with concepts of illness, focusing on healing rituals and social change among Rona people of Orissa. Post-doc research between 2003 and 2006 investigated new emerging rituals and oral epics. Recent fieldwork in 2010 focused on dushera rituals and its relation to historical royal and recent political structure.
I am on leave from a position as Lecturer in the Department of Social Anthropology at the Ruhr-University in Bochum, Faculty of Social Science, where I taught courses on medical anthropology, gender relations, fieldwork techniques, introductory courses into social anthropology and courses on migration and social change.


EASA, DGV, AG Medical Anthropology, EASAS.


South Asia, social change, ritual and politics, medical anthropology, oral epics,  gender relations.


Authored Books

Otten, Tina (2006) Heilung durch Rituale. Vom Umgang mit Krankheit bei den Ronā im Hochland Orissas. Münster, Berlin: LIT Verlag.

Book Chapters

Otten, Tina and Skoda, Uwe (2013) 'Orissa: Rajas and Prajas in a Multi-Segmented Society.' In: Berger, Peter and Heidemann, Frank, (eds.), An Introduction to the Contemporary Anthropology of India. Routledge, pp. 208-226.

Otten, Tina (2013) 'Healing Rituals in the Highlands of the Koraput District, Orissa.' In: Kulke, Hermann and Mohanty, Nivedita and Pathy , Dinendra, (eds.), Imaging Orissa, Vol. I. New Delhi, India: Manohar, pp. 329-331.

Otten, Tina (2013) 'Bali Jatra: An Oral Epic and a Ritual for Well-being.' In: Kulke, Hermann and Mohanty, Nivedita and Pathy , Dinendra, (eds.), Imaging Orissa, Vol. II. New Delhi, India: Manohar, pp. 241-245.

Otten, Tina (2011) 'Teilnehmende Beobachtung: der ‚ethnologische Blick’ auf den Unterricht.' In: Zurstrassen, Bettina, (ed.), Was passiert im Klassenzimmer? Sozialwissenschaften unterrichten. Methoden zur Evaluation, Diagnostik und Erforschung des sozialwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts. Schwalbach/Ts.: Wochenschau Verlag, pp. 23-44.

Otten, Tina (2010) 'The Concept of biba among the Rona of Highland Orissa. Wedding Rituals to Ensure Health.' In: Berger, Peter and Hardenberg, Roland and Kattner, Ellen and Prager, Michael, (eds.), The Anthropology of Values: Essays in Honour of Georg Pfeffer. New Delhi: Longman, pp. 143-161.

Otten, Tina (2009) 'King, Tribal Society and Fertility in Koraput: Different Aspects of the Ritual Bali Jatra.' In: Pfeffer, Georg and Behera, Deepak K., (eds.), Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies, Volume 7. New Delhi: Concept, pp. 33-51.

Otten, Tina (2009) 'Cosmic Time and its Influence on Rona Girls and Women.' In: Malinar, Angelika, (ed.), Hinduismus - Reader. Göttingen: Vandenhoek & Ruprecht, pp. 115-122.

Otten, Tina (2008) 'People of the Hills: How Rona Deal with Social Change.' In: Carrin, Marine and Tambs-Lyche, Harald, (eds.), People of the Jangal: Reformulating Identities and Adaptations in Crisis. New Delhi: Manohar, pp. 93-118.

Otten, Tina (2007) 'Given From God and Come In Its Own Will: The Hierarchy of Illness Causes among the Rona of Tribal Orissa.' In: Pfeffer , Georg, (ed.), Periphery and centre: studies in Orissan history, religion and anthropology. New Delhi: Manohar, pp. 178-193.

Otten, Tina (2007) 'Cosmic Time and its Influence on Rona Girls and Women.' In: Malinar, Angelika, (ed.), Identities in Time. New Delhi: Manohar, pp. 137-152.

Otten, Tina (1996) 'Die sanfte Veränderung ayurvedischer Heilverfahren am Beispiel der Pancha Karma Kur.' In: Wolf, Angelika and Stürzer, Michael, (eds.), Die gesellschaftliche Konstruktion von Befindlichkeit. Berlin: VWB - Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung, pp. 75-87.

Otten, Tina 'The Cycle of Life: Birth and Death Rituals in a Community in Highland Odisha, India.' In: Alex, Gabriele and Polit, Karin, (eds.), Childbirth Rituals. Oxford University Press. (Oxford Ritual Studies Series) (In Press)

Otten, Tina 'A Wedding after Recovery from Sickness: Social Relations and Health.' In: Behera, Deepak Kumar, (ed.), Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies, Volume-IX: Tribal Health. Felicitation Volume in Honour of Professor Georg Pfeffer Free University of Berlin, Germany. New Delhi, India: Concept Publishing Company. (In Press)


Otten, Tina (2005) 'Heirat auf dem Weg. Ein Heilritual im Süden Orissas, Indien.' Baessler Archiv, 51 . pp. 59-75.

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