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Beibei Zhan

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Beibei Zhan
Dr Beibei Zhan
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Wedding Ritual in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD): Prescriptions, Practices and the Discourse (tentative title)
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Chinese culture is generally considered to be consistent throughout the pre-modern era. This claim is mainly based on the textual sources, especially the scripts which apparently have had few sharp changes from ancient time. However at least two questions should be asked: first, whether the seemingly unchanged scripts were also unchanged in meanings and second, if the written culture actually represented the general culture?

To tackle these problems, ritual is selected as the subject matter of my research. This research is to push the state of art one step forward, i.e. to dig out the relationship between prescriptions and practices of rituals. Thus ritual is treated as a facet of culture containing layers of written and real world cultures within the areas over the time axis.