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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Miss Zofia Boni


Zofia Boni
Miss Zofia Boni
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Thesis title:
Children and Food in Warsaw: Discourses, Practices and Negotiations around the Process of Feeding (working title).
Year of Study:
1st (2011)
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PhD Research

The issue of children and food is growing in importance world widely, it has been scrutinized and politicized and is more and more debated. However in Poland it has not been thoroughly studied. Feeding children is an interesting phenomenon, as it is at once deeply individual and personal, and at the same time very political. The process of feeding children reflects existing cultural codes and constitutes the basis of children’s socialization. Feeding children composes a part of mother’s identity; is a subject of interest for public policies concerning health, for companies selling children’s food, for media promoting certain lifestyles. It is a complex problem that combines many different agents and institutions such as family, state, education system, medical and nutrition policies, food industries, advertising and marketing, and the media. In my PhD I want to conduct research concerning feeding primary school children in Warsaw, which would take into account the multidimensionality of this problem. I will focus mainly on the contemporary, but analyze it historically within the context of socialism and post-socialist changes. In my research I distinguish five areas related to feeding children: (1) the family, (2) the education system, (3) the state, (4) the market and (5) the media. My ethnography is focused mostly on the first two: the family and the school, but most of all, I am focused on children themselves, respecting their agency and treating them as independent informants. The research is guided by the main question: how is the process of feeding negotiated, internally (for example by mothers and children), between parents and children, and more indirectly: between families, schools, state institutions, markets and media?