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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Mr Amit Kisku


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Mr Amit Kisku
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State, Forest and People: The Changing Relationship and its Impact on the Modern Forests of India
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The ‘indigenous people’, who have been living in different ecological settings in symbiotic relationship with the environment and have been intervened by governmental power and policies in different times, are now have been the subjects of transnational discourse to the academicians, policy makers and activists for the last few decades. These discourses can be categorized into five different schools of thought- historical environmentalism, political economy, cultural ecology, feminist environmentalism and developmental perspectives.
The people, mostly the tribals, living in the vicinity of forests in different parts of India since long past, have also been intervened by different state or national governmental policies in different times. This study will be conducted among the Santals of Jungle Mahal, with the help of these five schools of thought, in an attempt to understand their symbiotic relationship with the forest, effect of history on the relationship in the form of governmental intervention and their ability as well as interest to respond to the development. The schools of thought on environmental study will also be critically reviewed to generate a holistic approach to study state, forest and people relationship.