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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Mr Nadeem Karkabi

BA, MA (University of Haifa)


Nadeem Karkabi
Centre for Palestine Studies (CPS)

PhD Student Associate Member

Mr Nadeem Karkabi
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‘Arab A-dub Attack’: The Palestinian Alternative Music Scene in Israel and the West Bank (working title)
Internal Supervisors


Popular culture in the Middle East, Palestine/Israel, politics of pleasure, cultural difference, defiant subjectivities, festive political affect, cosmopolitan communities in borderland regions, citizenship and civil rights

PhD Research

In recent years, an alternative popular music scene has emerged among young Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line. These musicians fuse traditional Palestinian expressive culture with transnational musical styles including reggae, dub, rock, jazz, electronic music and other global sounds. Their innovative Arabic lyrics critically address local, national and regional issues. In my research I examine how this scene constitutes the struggle of young Palestinians against civil marginalisation in Israel and military occupation in the occupied territories, as well as against social and religious controls within their own communities. In light of this entangled political reality and risks of double subjectivisation, this research is concerned with how Palestinian nationalism is maintained alongside the assertion of tolerance to social difference in this counter-hegemonic culture. In contrast to Palestinian representations of victimhood and heroism, my work explores the emergence of defiant subjectivities in festive spaces and pleasure activities related to music and dance events.

PhD Publications

Karkabi, Nadeem (Forthcoming). “Staging Particular Difference: Politics of Space at the Palestinian Alternative music Scene”, In: Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication  6(3): (Fall 2013).

Karkabi, Nadeem (2013). “Lifestyle Migration in South Sinai, Egypt: Nationalisation, Privileged Citizenship and Indigenous Rights”, In: International Review of Social Research 3(1): 49-66.

Karkabi, Nadeem (2011). “Couples in the Global Margins: Sexuality and Marriage between Egyptian men and Western women in South Sinai”, In: Anthropology of the Middle East 6(1): 79-97.