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Department of the Languages and Cultures of South East Asia

Koraya Techawongstein

BA in Chinese (Chulalongkorn University), MA in Theory and Practice of Translation (SOAS)
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Koraya Techawongstein
Koraya Techawongstein
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Working title: Role, Development and Market of Translation of Thai Literature into Foreign Languages
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The study focuses on the role, development and market of the industry of translation of Thai literature into other languages. Due to the fact that a relatively low number of Thai literature has been translated into other languages, I will be exploring what factors contribute to such little Thai literature being chosen to be translated into other languages; the reasons why Thai literature is not popular in foreign publishing markets and the fact that the translation industry in Thailand has still not been properly promoted. The discussion will cover all the related factors and elements, collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data regarding target readers, target market and publishers of existing translated Thai literature.