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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Miss Shirley N. A. Sackey

BA: Dual Major in English Literature and Sociology and a Minor in Women’s Studies (Canisius College of Buffalo); MA: Global Gender Studies and Transnationalism and Globalization (University at Buffalo)


Shirley Sackey
Miss Shirley N. A. Sackey
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Collective Agency: Transnational Social Organization Amongst Ghanaians in London and New York
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Final Year
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PhD Research

The purpose of this research is to analyze concepts of transnationalism and the forms of collective agency as manifested in the various transnational social organizations that Ghanaians in New York City and London  have formed in order to confront challenges they face in both their home and host community. In Particular, this research seeks to address the following questions:  What is “transnational” about  migrant organizations that Ghanaians in London and New York City have formed and what is the nature of such cross-border linkages with regards to the local environment in which they are located?  What are some of the discourses that emerge from the multiple contexts in which migrant organizations are embedded and how do various migrant organizations that Ghanaians have established on both sides of the Atlantic, utilize their transnational discourses to further their collective interests in home and host country? How are these achieved? Is the concept of integration important in the transnational space and how is integration understood as a discourse used by migrant organizations through a transnational perspective

PhD Conferences

“Global Diaspora” - Ankara, Istanbul


Ghanaian Welfare Association
London International Development Centre (LIDC) – UK
The Arthur A. Schomburg Fellowship
United Chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta
Additional Award for Fieldwork Grant


Gender and Globalization (GTA, University at Buffalo)
Voice & Place (GTA, SOAS)