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Ms Adeeba Khan
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Democracy in the context of clientelism: the role of electoral laws in Bangladesh
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Year two
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PhD Research

My research aims to establish that voters in Bangladesh formulate preferences about candidates based on private distribution of resources (both economic and political) preferring the candidate who is willing to give them the most private gain rather than by comparing policy platforms or ideological positions. Electoral Laws in place have no mechanism to regulate this type of patronage voting – while limitations are in place in order to regulate electoral campaigning, funding, candidate selection etc, the law fails to comprehend that electioneering in patron-client societies are taking place on a private level – often on the basis of implicit promises that cannot be regulated. Current electoral frameworks expect accountability to be based on public policies, political programmes and prudent use of public resources.

PhD Publications

  • ‘NGOs, the Judiciary and Rights in Bangladesh: Just another face of Partisan Politica?’, Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law, Vol. 1, Issue 3 (2012), pp 254-274
  • ‘Institutional Dualism and its Impact on Elections: The Case of Patron-Client Networks in Bangladesh’, International Journal of Small Economies, Vol 3, No. 1, 2012, pp 11-22

PhD Conferences

  • Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law Conference, May 2012
  • MatchPoints Seminar, Aarhus University, May 2013-09-05
  • ‘Bengali and Bangladeshi: The use of secular and Islamic Identities in Bangladesh’, Paper presented at Centre for Asian Legal studies, National University of Singapore, August 2013