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Department of Politics and International Studies

Richard Howarth

Bsc (Aberystwyth) MA (SOAS)


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Richard Howarth
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‘A New White Man’s Burden?’ The implications of racial identities on wildlife management practices in Tanzania.
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External Supervisors

Ana Margardia Sousa Santos

PhD Research

My research investigates the racial dynamics of wildlife management practices in Tanzania. It seeks to evaluate how racial identities impact on relations between the Tanzanian State, foreign NGO’s and localised communities in formulating and applying wildlife management policy.

Using theories of racial identity as a lens of investigation, this project will assess how effectively the government balances Macro and Micro conservation policy in order to determine how wildlife management may become more inclusive for local communities.

The aim of this project is not to frame conservation as a fundamentally flawed practice, but rather to contribute to a debate which can add to its theory and practice. In addressing the racial dynamics of conservation, this project aims to understand the highly variable and cyclical relationships between Micro and Macro conservation agents. Through a field study and literature review I will build on current theory and explore the political, economic and social relationships involved. Reflecting on conceptual debates I will contrast this with belief and opinion on the ground, through objectives, language and education opportunities, and attempt to establish the extent to which these conceptual debates are reflecting the processes on the ground.


Royal African Society; BISA


Government and Politics of Africa; Environmental Politics, Critical Identity