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Birgul Yilmaz
Birgul Yilmaz
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I hold a BA in Linguistics and English from School of English and Drama, Queen Mary University of London along with a Masters of Research in Language, Discourse and Communication from School of
Social Sciences and Public Policy, King's College London. My MRes dissertation was concerned with the questions of Language and Ethnicity among the Kurds in London.

My PhD in Linguistics at the Languages and Cultures Faculty at SOAS investigates the Language and Idenitities of Kurds of Southeast Turkey/ Northern Kurdistan living in the UK.

My research deals with sociolinguistic aspects of language and identity with particular attention to the multilingual setting of the UK.  My main research interests include multilingualism, attitudes towards standard vs nonstandard varieties, language and gender,language learning in community, language ideologies, language and politics, linguistic /ethnography, critical/discourse analysis.

My linguistic activism mainly focuses on writing articles on language ideologies and politics in Turkey as well as recognition/ usage of the dialects/ varieties among the Kurds. I have also established a
Facebook page where I explore and share research on Kurdish/ Languages and Politics <>.