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Department of Economics

Miss Christina Wolf

MA (Lille) MA (Münster) MSc (SOAS)


Christina Wolf
Miss Christina Wolf
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Thesis title:
Industrial policy in times of China – the impact of Chinese trade and investment flows on industrial policy in Africa at the examples of Nigeria and Angola (working title)
Year of Study:
Year of Entry: 2012-2013

PhD Research

Comparing the examples of Angola and Nigeria, my research focuses on the impact of China on the industrialisation process in African countries with special focus on the role of industrial policy in this respect. So far, China’s impact on African industrialisation has been mainly analysed either in terms of crowding out of African manufactured exports on world markets or the proclaimed hope that Chinese investments may “flying geese style” ignite local industrialisation. However, the question is not merely whether China is helping African countries to get their feet on the ladder or blocking the way further up, but rather which policies can further one or the other outcome, how African countries can make the most out of their relations with China. The role of the state and challenges for industrial policy – a subject that has been banned from the development orthodoxy from the 1980s onwards – have not been systematically analysed in this respect.

PhD Publications

Dahman Saidi, M. and C. Wolf (2011), "Recalibrating Development Co-operation: How Can African Countries Benefit from Emerging Partners?", OECD Development Centre Working Papers, No. 302, OECD Publishing.

PhD Conferences

The Chinese Model of Aid for Africa“ presented at the Oxford University China-Africa Network (OUCAN), March 14th 2012


South-South Relations, the role of the state at different stages of economic development, Institutional Economics, MENA economies, Sub-Saharan African economies