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Department of Economics

Mr Abdulla Abdulaal

BSc MORSE (Warwick), MSc Economic History (LSE)


Abdulla Abdulaa
Mr Abdulla Abdulaal
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Thesis title:
Fiscal policy dynamics in a rentier small open economy: the case of Bahrain, 1990-2012
Year of Study:
Year of Entry 2012/13
Internal Supervisors

PhD Research

My thesis looks into Bahrain's fiscal policy and its structural changes over the past two decades. On the revenue side, it studies the increasing dependence on oil income in light of the resource curse literature and makes the case for implementing taxes. In terms of expenditure, it assesses sectoral shifts in spending and responses to political considerations associated with the rentier state.

PhD Publications

PhD Conferences

  • 'Employment Policy Dilemmas in the GCC: A Tale of Two Markets' with Dr. Hassan Hakimian. London and Middle East Institute. APril 6-8, 2014.
  • 'Bahrain's increasing energy dependence'. Gulf Research Meeting, University of Cambridge. July 2-5, 2013.
  • 'Population trends and labour markets in Bahrain'. Brown International Advanced Research Institutes, Brown University. June 8-22, 2013.


Political economy and economic history of the Arab Gulf states.