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Department of Politics and International Studies

Rev Barkindo Atta Athanasius

BA (Urbanian University Rome), Licentiate (PISAI, Rome), MSc (SOAS, University of London)


Barkindo Atta Athanasius
Rev Barkindo Atta Athanasius
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History, Memory and Resistance in Northern Nigeria: The Transformation of Boko Haram since 1999
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Atta Barkindo - Atta Barkindo on the Boko Haram uprising in north-eastern Nigeria

PhD Research

Much of the literature devoted to understanding the Boko Haram uprising in north-eastern Nigeria offers a number of possible explanations base on modernization, postcolonial and terrorist-related approaches (Morrison and Stevenson, 1972:89, Chazan et al, 1999:14-30, Forest, 2012). Equally important is the fact that most of the investigations are centered on the “emergence” of Boko Haram rather than its “transformation” into an extremist militant movement. Considering the time frame and the political events that have emerged in Nigeria since the country’s return to multiparty democracy in 1999, the research shifts the theoretical debate away from the problem of “cause” or “emergence” of Boko Haram to the larger debates of its “transformation” into a militant group.

PhD Publications

  • Join the Caravan”: The Ideology of Political Authority in Islam from Ibn Taymiyya to Boko Haram in North-Eastern Nigeria.  Terrorism Perspectives 7(3):30-42.
  • The Ideological Evolution of Boko Haram in Nigeria: Merging Local Salafism and International Jihadism’’. The RUSI Journal, 158(4):46-53.
  • Terrorism, Security and Politics: Nigeria’s 2015 Elections, The RUSI Newsbrief, 35(2):22-24.
    Tightening the Grip: Boko Haram control grows in run-up to Election, IHS Jane’s Intelligence Review 26(12):26-31.
  • Our Bodies, Their Battle Ground: Boko Haram and Gender Based Violence against Christian Women and Children in North-Eastern Nigeria since 1999. World Watch Monitor,
  • Boko Haram, Islamic Ideology, Kanuri Identity or Historical Narrative of the Kanem-Borno Empire? The Tony Blair Foundation  

PhD Conferences

  • The Role of faith in policy formulation in Nigeria, June 2014, Kukah Center for Leadership, Faith and Policy Research, Abuja (paper presentation).
  • Ethnic-Identity Conflict with Boko Haram and the Emerging Factions at The Centre for Global Initiative on Civil Society and Conflict, South Florida University, Tampa, USA (paper presentation).
  • International Education Week, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas, USA (November 11-16, 2012).
  • Africa Arguments Debate: Rwanda, Congo and the M23, Explaining Violence in the Eastern DRC, 27 November.


International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, (ICPVTR), Singapore


  • Political Islam
  • Terrorism
  • Transitional Justice
  • Ethnic and Tribal Politics
  • Environment and Migration Studies