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Teresa Poeta
Teresa Poeta
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Object marking in Makhuwa and Swahili discourse
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Teresa graduated from SOAS with a distinction in MA Linguistics and a First Honours Degree in BA African Language and Culture during which she participated on the Swahili year abroad programme in Tanzania and Kenya. She is currently in her third year of her PhD in Linguistics working on Object marking in Makhuwa and Swahili discourse. Next to her PhD Teresa is also involved in running Language Landscape (LL) a website which aims at mapping where languages are spoken and raising awareness of language diversity and related issues.

PhD Research

Her thesis Object marking in Makhuwa and Swahili discourse compares the object marking system and its discourse functions in two Bantu languages: Makhuwa, spoken in North Mozambique and Swahili spoken throughout East Africa. This comparison is particularly interesting considering Makhuwa's highly restricted object marking system, unusual within the Bantu family. As part of her studies, Teresa carries out fieldwork in Pemba (Mozambique) in order to collect language data for her work as well as contribute to the overall documentation of the Makhuwa language, which is heavily understudied.


Swahili 1A, MA lectures and tutorials, Edinburgh University, 2013/2014
Introduction to Grammatical Structure, BA tutorials, SOAS, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013


  • ‘Non-standard Swahili applicatives’, 1 Feb 2013, Word-order, information structure and language contact in Bantu Workshop, SOAS, London, UK