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Department of History

Mr Philip Gooding

BA History (SOAS); MA Historical research Methods (SOAS)


Philip Gooding
Mr Philip Gooding
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Lake Tanganyika: Commercial Frontier in the Era of Long-Distance Commerce, East and Central Africa, c.1830-1890
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The intention of this thesis is to analyse how residency on the shores of Lake Tanganyika affected peoples lives over the period of long-distance commerce. It is argued that the ways in which people negotiated the arrival of traders from the Indian Ocean Coast to the Lake Tanganyika Basin was fundamentally different to other regions due to their proximity to the lake. This had consequences for the nature of urbanism, migrations, violence and trade in the region. The perspective taken is that Lake Tanganyika represents a 'frontier' region. It acted as both barrier to and provider of economic opportunities for indigenous residents and foreign traders alike. This meant that there was a certain amount of cultural and economic connectivity around the lake even if there was political diversity. This kind of connectivity is not seen elsewhere in East and Central Africa during this period.

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Blog: http://philipgoodingafricanhistory.wordpress.com