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Rounwah Bseiso



Rounwah Bseiso
Rounwah Bseiso
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Working Title (currently undergoing major amendments) - Art and the Production of Space in Post-Revolutionary Egypt
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PhD Research

My doctoral research explores the relationship between aesthetic practices (as spatial practices) and the production of (social) space and place and how this relates to the formation of political subjectivities in “revolutionary” Egypt. Instead of focusing on the street, as the space for this new art form, I will instead shift the focus to the artists themselves and why they produce this art and make it visible and ask what the practice of creating art on the street means to them, their definition of public space and their contestation of political/social spheres.  Therefore, the object of my research is the artists (as the subject), and their artistic practices in a “revolutionary” context.
In focusing on the artists themselves and understanding why they choose the street as their medium of expression, and by investigating what their art means to them and what they hope to accomplish by creating it, I will examine the practice of creating this art.  The focus is on practices and the artists, and through their discussions, deliberations, and contestations on the art being created in the street, will allow me to examine emerging subjectivities and investigate what it means for the artists to “do politics” or “be political” in a “revolutionary” and post-revolutionary context, what their concept of public space is, and how they are trying to negotiate their creative expression to their shifting political and social realities.

Given the significant events which have occurred in June and July 2013, my research is currently undergoing major changes, which will be reflected in my amended abstract, to be re-posted shortly.