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Department of Politics and International Studies

Mr Gerasimos Tsourapas

BA (Yale University), MSc (LSE)


Gerasimos Tsourapas
Mr Gerasimos Tsourapas
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SOAS, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
Office No:
Room 221
Office Hours:
By appointment only, Tuesdays 4 - 6
Thesis title:
Trading People, Consolidating Power: Authoritarianism and the Institutionalisation of Emigration in Egypt
Year of Study:
Internal Supervisors

PhD Research

I am currently a Ph.D. student at the Politics & International Relations Department at SOAS, University of London. During the 2013-14 academic year I am a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies of the American University of Cairo, and a Guest Researcher at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute, Leiden University in Cairo.

My doctoral dissertation focuses on Egypt in the 1970-2011 period as a case study of the ways in which authoritarian regimes selectively use emigration control as a means towards furthering their aims. Thus, I am broadly interested in state involvement in emigrants’ affairs, primarily across the Middle East region. I have published peer-reviewed articles on authoritarian durability in Tunisia, and the European Union’s foreign policy towards Egypt.

Prior to coming to SOAS, I attended Yale University (B.A., Political Science and Economics), and the London School of Economics and Political Science (M.Sc., International Political Economy). My employment history includes working as a researcher for the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2009-11), and as a European Union elections observer, most recently at the Tunisian Constituent Assembly elections. During the latter I was deployed to Tunis and Brussels, where I participated in the Union’s first attempt at monitoring out-of-country voting.

PhD Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles
  • ‘The Other Side of a Neoliberal Miracle: Economic Reform and Political De-Liberalization in Ben Ali's Tunisia.’ Mediterranean Politics, Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2013, pp. 23-41.
  • ‘The Limits of Norm Promotion: The EU in Egypt and Israel/Palestine’ (with Elena Lazarou and Maria Gianniou). Insight Turkey, Vol. 15, No. 2, Spring 2013, pp. 171-193.
Book Chapters
  • ‘Migration,’ in G. Newby (ed.), The Islamic World: An Encyclopaedia of History, Culture, and Society (New York, M.E. Sharpe) (forthcoming).
Book Reviews
  • ‘Mariz Tadros, The Muslim Brotherhood in Contemporary Egypt: Democracy Redefined or Confined?', (London: Routledge, 2012), pp. 196. 'Polyvocia, SOAS Journal of Graduate Research,' Vol. 5, pp. 49-53.
Other Publications
  • 'The Politics of Egyptian Migration to Libya,' Middle East Report (MERIP) March 2015.
  • ‘Notes from the Field: Researching Emigration in Post-2011 Egypt,’ American Political Science Association Migration & Citizenship Newsletter,' Vol. 2, pp. 58-62

PhD Conferences

October 17, 2014: ‘Paying the Piper, Calling the Tune? Assessing the Impact of Emigration on Egypt’s Foreign Policy.’ WAFAW Conference on ‘The Role of Diasporas, Migrants and Exiles in the Arab Revolutions and Political Transitions.’ Tunis, Tunisia.

September 27, 2014: ‘Nasser’s Educators and Agitators across al-Watan al-Arabi: The Development and Politics of Regional Egyptian Migration, 1952–1970.’ German Middle East Studies Association [DAVO] Annual Conference. Cologne, Germany.

August 29, 2014: Panel Organiser [‘Emigration, Diaspora, and the Sending State’] & Presenter [‘Prodigal Sons, Partial Fathers: Explaining Variation in Egypt’s Treatment of Emigrant Populations’]. American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. Washington, DC.

August 27, 2014.‘The Bifurcation of Egypt’s Diaspora Policy.’ Annual Gulf Research Meeting. Cambridge, UK.

June 22, 2014. ‘Prodigal Sons, Partial Fathers: Explaining Variation in Egypt’s Treatment of Emigrant Populations.’ German Council of Foreign Affairs. Tunis, Tunisia.

June 17, 2014. ‘Paying the Piper, Calling the Tune: Labor-Importing States’ Influence on Egypt’s Foreign Policy.’ British Society for Middle Eastern Studies [BRISMES] Annual Conference. Sussex, UK.

March 26, 2014. 'Returning from Saudi: Redefinitions of Citizenship in Neoliberal Egypt.' ISA 2014 Annual Meeting. Toronto, Canada.

November 22, 2013. 'Can the Islamist Party? The "Moderation Theory" in Critical Context.' Freie Universität Berlin. Berlin, Germany.

August 27, 2013. 'Can the Islamist Moderate? The "Moderation Theory" in Critical Context.' İstanbul 29 Mayıs Üniversitesi, Üsküdar, Turkey.

June 25, 2013. 'Returning from Saudi: Redefinitions of Citizenship in Neoliberal Egypt.' Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research. Syracuse, New York.

June 5, 2013. 'Return Migration in Egypt: Politics, Culture, Hegemony.' University of Oslo. Oslo, Norway.

November 16, 2012. 'Economic Liberalization and Regime Stability under Ben Ali in Tunisia.' Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V. Berlin, Germany.

September 1, 2012. 'Moderate Islam Under Authoritarianism: The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.' Universitair Centrum Sint-Ignatius Antwerpen. Antwerp, Germany.