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Ramin Nassehi
Department of Economics

Senior Teaching Fellow

Ramin Nassehi
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+44(0) 20 7898 4542
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Wednesdays: 10am - 12pm


I am a Teaching Fellow at the Department of Economics at SOAS.  Currently, I am conducting my PhD on the role that oil played in the process of state-led industrialisation in pre-Revolutionary Iran. I hold a BSc in Business Management from Queen Mary, an MSc in Development Management from LSE and an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford.  

PhD Publications

  • Nassehi, R (2014), Book review: Deconstruction of the “high financier”: a critical review of Ferguson’s biography of Siegmund Warburg, Journal of Management and Organizational History, Vol 9, Issue 1.
  • Nassehi (2014), Book review: Remembering inflation, LSE Review of Books, January 2004, Accessible at:
  • Nassehi, R (2013), Book review: the oil curse, LSE review of books, May 2012, Accessible at:
  • Nassehi, R (2013), The political economy of state-led industrialization in pre-Revolutionary Iran, presented in the International Iranian Economic Association (IIEA) Conference on June 2013.
  • Nassehi, R (2013), Haunted by the “Impossible Trinity”: how cheap credit inflated Dubai’s property bubble, Paper accepted for the upcoming International and Middle East Conference on Sustainability and Human Development (iMESH 2013) on April.
  • Nassehi, R (2013), Turkey’s economy in danger (In Farsi), Published in Donyaye Eghtesaad (the most popular Iranian economic newspaper), October 22.     
  • Nassehi, R (2012), Yuan becoming a global currency (in Farsi), Published in Donyaye Eghtesaad, December 27.
  • Nassehi, R (2012), Consequences of Fed’s monetary policy for developing countries (Farsi), Published in Donyaye Eghtesaad, November 8.