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Lu Lu


Lu Lu
Lu Lu
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A Diachronic Study of Argument Realisations of Light Verb Constructions in Chinese: A Construction Grammar Approach (tentative)
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Lulu received her master’s degree of general linguistics in Beijing Foreign Studies University from 2011 to 2013. Besides building up theoretical knowledge, she developed an interest in corpus linguistics. She loves approaching linguistic issues from the corpus-based perspective. For example, she has conducted research concerning argument structure, information packaging, translation, genre analysis, discourse presentation, etc. with corpus data. Out of academic interest, she came to SOAS in 2013 to pursue her PhD concerning syntax and semantics.  

PhD Research

Lulu’s research attempts to address the diachronic linguistic behaviour of Chinese light verb constructions since 18th century. Texts will be roughly divided into two phases: late modern period from 18th to the early 20th century and the contemporary one of the 21st century. Her study seeks to account for the development of Chinese light verb constructions diachronically compared with other languages, such as English and some Asian and African languages, and to evaluate the theoretical claims of Cognitive Construction Grammar. The account will shed light on the changes to argument structure in the interface between syntax and semantics, which is an important focus of interest within Cognitive Construction Grammar.


Lulu’s research interest centres on the empirical approach towards contrastive linguistic studies. Particularly, she is fond of addressing theoretical linguistic issues with corpus. For example, she has analysed the syntactic and semantic (non-)correspondences of a Chinese verbal construction in translation, passivisation in academic writing, and discourse presentation between different varieties of English, among others. Immersed in the diversified language environment in SOAS, Lulu desires to compare and contrast Chinese with some endangered or less commonly-spoken languages, hoping to find out some fascinating theoretical claims in the near future.   

PhD Publications

  • Lu, Lu. 2013 (in press). A Contrastive Study of the Passive Voice in Journal Articles in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics 36(4): 465-478.
  • Xu, Jiajin, and Lu Lu. 2013. The Structural and Semantic Analysis of the English Translation of Chinese Light Verb Constructions: A Parallel Corpus-Based Study. Proceedings of Corpus Linguistics 2013, ed. Andrew Hardie & Robbie Love online. Lancaster: UCREL.
  • Lu, Lu & Guijun Zhang. 2010. The Construction and Application of Pharmaceutical English Corpus. Pharmacy Today 20(11): 63-66

PhD Conferences

  • Lu, Lu. 2012. The Speech, Writing and Thought Presentation in English Romantic Fiction: A Diachronic and Cross-cultural Study. Paper presented at Corpus Technologies and Applied Linguistics conference. 29 June 2012, Xi’an Jiao Tong Liverpool University, Suzhou, China.