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Department of Politics and International Studies

Miss Tahani Mustafa

BA Politics (SOAS), MSc Middle East Politics (SOAS)


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Centre for Palestine Studies (CPS)

PhD Student Associate Member

Miss Tahani Mustafa
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Thesis title:
Deconstructing the International State-Building Paradigm: The Case of the Occupied Palestinian Territories
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Internal Supervisors

PhD Publications

  • “Palestine and the Wind of Arab Revolution” in the ‘Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring: Rethinking Democratisation,’ Edited by Larbi Sadiki, to be published in May 2014

PhD Conferences

  • May 2012: University of Exeter Annual Social Science and International Studies Post Graduate Research Conference.  Title of paper presented: ‘Security Sector Reform in the Occupied Palestinian Territories‘
  • April 2013: Politics in Crisis? At the Univeristy of Nottingham. Title of paper presented: 'Critiquing the dominant security orthodoxy: security sector reform as a paradigm for peace-building/state-building?‘
  • June 2013: Bristish Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES) Annual Conference University College Dublin. Title of presentation: ‘The Absence of Revolution: Palestine, Authoritarianism and the Arab World‘
  • October 2013: Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana. Title of Paper: ‘The Limits of the Arab Spring: Post-Oslo Palestine and its Authoritarian Dispensation‘


  • Middle East Studies Association (MESA)


Politics and International Relations, Security Studies, Middle East, Israel/Palestine conflict and Political Islam