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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Ms Yun Miao



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Ms Yun Miao
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Thesis title:
Tourism Led Development and Tibeten Identity.
Year of Study:
1st year
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PhD Research

Based on Shangri-al, Yunnan, China, the goal of the research is to illuminate the complex nature which Tibetan confront with Chinese modernity that led by tourism development and the in which ethnic Tibetan identities are intensely articulated and contested. It aims to provide a holistic picture of tourism politics by acknowledging the power of capitalist economy and culture policy of nationalism imposed in tourism development and the agency of individuals  adapting the changing circumstance and subverting or resisting this power. And it further discusses the social and political consequences accompanied by the tourism development. By focusing on cultural brokers in Shangri-la, the study is about the ordinary people who are in specific place and in the transition time.