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Miss Georgie Carroll


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Miss Georgie Carroll
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Fish Kings and Fishy Maidens: Accounting for Fish, Fish-like creatures and Watery Symbolism in Indian epic traditions - (working title).
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PhD Research

My MA dissertation (SOAS, 2008) focussed on non-worshipped animals in popular Indian cinema, using animal theory and anthropological theory of the body. I have since written 'Mouse (Animal)' (forthcoming) for Reaktion Books' 'Animal' series, also authored by writers to include Desmond Morris ('Naked Ape', 1967).
Emerging from my deep interest in human-animal relationships, animal symbolism and the myth and literature of South Asia, my PhD research considers the socio-religious significances of fish (and 'sea monster') characters and symbols in tellings of India's epics, pertaining to gender and the body: to aspects of monstrosity, sexual morality, and fantasy.