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South Asia Department

Georgie Carroll


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Georgie Carroll
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How are water and aquatic fauna fetishised in Sanskrit courtly literature, and to what extent does this erotic language politicise 'love' and 'the body' and reinforce sacred kingship?
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PhD Research

I am interested in the extent to which waterbodies and relationships to water can be seen to be devotional and/or reflective of the social/sexual lives of kings/court. I plan to specifically consider, in the context of how the elite teaches how to desire, (given that 'water' possesses a particularly dominant and unique erotic status in Indian literary and visual culture) the relationship between (natural) symbolic and social systems in Sanskrit courtly literature.

PhD Publications

  • Reaktion Books 'Mouse (Animal'), Nov 2014
  • SAR Review, Nov 2014 for RSA Special Edition, Ferrari, Fabrizio and Thomas Daehnhardt (eds.) 'Charming beauties and frightful beasts. Non-human animals in South Asian myth, ritual and folklore' (2013, Sheffield: Equinox)