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Biye Gao

BA in Philosophy (Nankai University, China), MA in Marxist Philosophy (Renmin University, China)
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Biye Gao
Biye Gao
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Exploring Chinese Mothers' Reproductive Agency (working title)
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PhD Research

This study endeavours to explore Chinese married and unmarried mothers' reproductive agency through a post-modern and post-colonial feminist approach, so as to challenge the universal and masculine discourse of reproductive rights.

PhD Publications

Biye Gao (2015): ' Review of ʺthe birth of Chinese feminism: essential texts in transnational theoryʺ edited by Lydia H. Liu, Rebecca E. Karl, and Dorothy Ko', Feminist Review, 110: e9-e11.

PhD Conferences

ʺSites of Governmentality and Transgression: Chinese Women’s Reproductive Body under Contemporary Reproductive Politicsʺ, Sciences Po, Paris. Law and Boundaries 2015 Conference, June 17-18, 2015


Reproductive Rights, Gender Theories, Sociology, China Studies