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London Middle East Institute

Dr Stefania Petralla

BSc, PhD (Bari)


Stefania Petralla
London Middle East Institute (LMEI)

Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF) Visiting Fellow

Centre for Iranian Studies

Iran Heritage Foundation (IHF) Visiting Fellow

Dr Stefania Petralla
Email address:
MBI Al Jaber Building, 21 Russell Square


Stefania Petralla's research looks at The role of traditional practices and structures for the definition of Persian building identity. A historical investigation on the management of local resources for the maturation of a proper architectural language. Dr Petralla graduated from Bari Polytechnic University, Faculty of Architecture with a thesis concerning the old fabric of Kashan, which provided her first approach to Iranian architecture and urban morphology. Afterwards, she won a Post-Lauream Fellowship during which she undertook an intimate study of vernacular techniques and methodologies of Mediterranean oriental lands, with particular interest on the Middle East. In 2010, she won a PhD in Architectural Design for the Mediterranean Countries. During her PhD she carried out research concerning the management and design of vernacular Iranian architecture, with a focus on the widespread but not well known Persian ribbed vaults that have fascinated scholars worldwide. She has been Visiting Scholar at the UPenn University of Philadelphia and has spent research periods in Iran, counting on local Universities support. Some of her work has already been published as articles and accepted for international conferences and her final PhD thesis is under revision for publication.